5 Reasons I wouldn’t suggest QMobile Noir A6

Why I wouldn’t recommend Qmobile Noir A6 to those who seek for a suggestion by me, although Noir A6 is a great phone 1 Ghz processor , 512 MB RAM, 4 Inches Screen size display. All sounds great but after almost a month of it’s launch I have received numerous complaints which I would to share with all of you here.

1 – Viber Issue

It was earlier reported in Noir A2 that ” Robotic Voice ” from Noir A2 which makes totally understandable for the person on the other hand, same issue is highlighted in Noir A6 due to which users are unable to use Viber smoothly.

2 – Restrictive Internal Memory

Although Phone has 4 GB as Qmobile claims but for Application it has 520 MB which is not sufficient if you are Die Hard Gamer, even it has been reported after ROOTING Linking with SD users has messed up their ROM which requires fresh reprogramming.

3 – Poor GPS

Noir A6 has built-in GPS but it doesn’t work friendly way, for which user has to ROOT the phone and follow the procedure given on INCPak site to fix it without ROOTING there is not alternative way, with Voids your warranty.

4 – Proffered Memory  Confusion

Users are unable to Transfer just as the way ( aaps2Sd or Link2sd) does directly into your SD Card Memory instead of SD Memory it is being Transfered in Phone Storage, which isn’t more than 2.5 GB ( Phone is not in front of me )

5 – Skype Shuts down

It is also reported that Skype shuts down for which many users has installed alternate version of Skype for Google Play Store ( mostly when the phone is using 80% Memory it Restarts or shutdown ) Skype.

These are 5 Issues which been reported to me since 3 weeks, nonetheless Noir A6 is affordable good Android Phone way better than the previous Noir A2 which did not supported GPS at all and had a very bad 256k color display, Q Improved but these bugs issues they must fix, so this post is to inform all those who are willing to Buy Noir A6 which is 11,000/- PKR, Instead of this I would Suggest The Best phone ever by Qmobile Noir A8 which is upgradable and dual core and viber , skype  works fine beside it, has 1 GB Application Installation Storage. Price Tag is 15,000/- officially but in Market you will get it 15500/- .

– Poor GPS issue has been resolved by Anjum Sohail INCPak Team Member the post is in Phone Reviews kindly check it and follow the procedure if you have Noir A6 and having GPS issue. Feel Free to comment and interact with other visitors regarding this post and other issues.

Thanks for Reading

Farhan Imaan



  1. hi all i have noir a6 my problem is skype works fine but otherside cannot be able to listen my voice ………plz tell me what do i do

  2. A.O.A Qmobile has launched noir a6 three times:
    1.The original official version that lacked some sensors and was ICS 4.0.1 It had the system updates that worked for me and took me to the ICS4.0.4 (Rs.11000)
    2. a variant having ICS4.0.4 and sensors and devoid of system updates (Rs.11800)
    3.The NEW and Awesome one Its DUAL CORE and launcher is a bit changed . Own task killer improved wallpapers and all the minor and major bug fixes that caused this device's bad recognitions among people. Believe me it gave me 10% better score on the official samsung GPU and display benchmark (Rs.12250).<>
    What worried me was that no site no-one has updated this good accomplishment of Qmobile ;)

    1. Dear ssss, If you have information which you worth to be shared with others kindly contact but personally farhan checks and than he posts, next time prefer to write your name because comments like " ssss " usually we don't allow.

      Thank you,

      INCPak Team.

  3. Finally A6 is in Rawalpindi market and I bought one.Unfortunately it has all the problems mentioned.I could not check the GPS in the basement shop so got the wrong set.The GPS is working but not accurate .If used with WiFi it is wrong by 10 meters if used with SIM connection it is wrong by 200 meters. No software shows the option of Move to SD Card , all show Move to Phone. Viber has a robotic voice (not much of a problem as it is perfect on Skype). I have contacted QMobile Service and they made some settings that did not work.They asked me to bring the set again after testing for a day.I hope they are able to correct the problem by re installing the ICS or other drivers, because if it can be corrected by rooting the device then they should be able to do it without breaking warranty limits.Let's hope for the best.Any advice would be welcome.

  4. Noir A6 ha sdisappeared from market. Is it that they are removing the bugs and re-launching? please keep an eye on the newer sets supplied after December 10 and provide a review. A

    1. @AdilRamza Yet the Noir A10 hasn't been fully tested, GPU is less than Noir A8 and 8MP camera doesn't work as actual 8MP more like 5MP beside it Night images aren't clear like all China Phones. It's known as Miracle Page in Qmobile Vietnam search on google, there is nothing interesting about it just the big screen

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