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Google Voice app updated

Saying that the popular app Google Voice is neglected would be a little bit of an understatement. And while it doesn’t have nearly as many users as most of Google’s apps, we’d love to see it get a bit more attention. Yesterday evening however, a rare thing happened and Google updated their Voice app. Not much has changed but read on for more details.

Yesterday Google issued a quick update out for the still extremely popular app Google Voice. When we saw it we immediately got excited that maybe this meant Google Babel was coming, or something exciting was about to happen with the app. Sadly that isn’t the case and instead it was just a very minor bug-fixing update.

The changelog doesn’t say anything other than one simple line. Stating that Google Voice was updated to improve the reliability of SMS delivery. Basically you’ll get your messages faster, and with more consistency for the few that have the occasional issue or delay. Nothing fancy, nothing new, no exciting changes or nothing. What a bummer.

However, the folks at AndroidPolice did a little digging and suggest Google might be preparing to let something else take over Google Voice’s job. Maybe integration with another app, or Google Babel, but we can’t be sure. Now if Google would just update Voice a bit more, add MMS content, and a few other tweaks it would be the perfect app. Basically, carry on folks!

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