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Chambaili Pakistani Movie Official Theatrical Trailer and Mp3 Songs

Not sure about the movie release but Box Office information says movie has been released, Chambaili Pakistani Movie Released on 26th April 2013 Nationwide
It is a story of courage, romance and sacrifice of a group of friends who are led by circumstances and incidences to find themselves at the crossroads of fate that pushes them towards changing the future of the country. Together they embark upon a journey to eventually form a Political Party with no experience, resources or background in Politics – and seemingly with no possible future.

Chambaili Pakistani Movie

Chambaili Pakistani Movie


 Chambaili is the first digital Pakistani film. It has the largest soundtrack in Pakistani film history: 13 songs, of which four have charted. The film has the most music videos of any Pakistani film (eight). An intersection in the Railways Colony in Lahore was named “Chambaili Chowk” after part of the film was shot in the workers colony; it is the first film in the world to have an intersection named for it.

Chambaili Pakistani Movie

All 13 Soundtracks from theChambaili Pakistani Movie, Mp3 quality, Listen, Share – Enjoy !










Inqilaab Reprise





At its release, the film surpassed Bollywood’s Ashaqui 2 and Hollywood’s Oblivion at the Pakistani box office. It was discussed in the national media, and has been praised for its contribution to democracy in Pakistan. Chambaili has been credited with galvanizing non-voters and youth to vote in the 2013 Pakistani general elections, which had a large turnout. Political parties in the country played songs from its soundtrack during campaign rallies, as young people resonated with the film and its music as part of increased social and political activism.

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