Local Media Channel along with the Police conducted Raid on Sex Center where Chinese Girls ” Prostitutes ” running the show openly Prostitution In Pakistan. There’s not one of its kind but in every major city there are many running these Sex Centers in the name of Beauty Parlor and Massage Centers.

Watch The Video Carefully, It is good for your awareness – Do not get involved in such activities – Chinese people aren’t Muslims no matter the Pakistan and China’s Friendship is highly appreciable but no one this level. This is where they are ruining our culture , morals and ethics since nudity worth nothing in China nor Sex is an issue.

Each of us has the responsibility to ensure that no such activity shall take place, At times Police is also involved but by ignoring we will not be able to find with the garbage and dirty business running in our Motherland Pakistan. We have Unite and to be strong in front of the evil, to vanish it from Pakistan’s surface.

If you have any information regarding Prostitution write to incpak@gmail.com and inform us, we are with on this and won’t hesitate to knock even the supreme court, This is the part of our Jihad, please don’t ignore it.


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