Driving dreams: Technology breaks all disability barriers

Carmudi celebrates International Day for People with Disability  by raising awareness in the auto community


Dreams are made of technological innovations. And more so in the field of automotives, where barriers for the less-abled are being broken each day. The inspirational story of Mario Bonfante Jr, who almost had to cut short his racing career owing to his tragic accident, stands out as an example. Thanks to a special control system fitted into his E46 BMW M3 race car for braking and changing gear from the steering wheel, we can still see the passionate driver burning rubber on tracks. So as the world celebrates International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), Carmudi (the fastest means to buy or sell your car online) sheds light on some of the most viable and contemporary mobility options that make the driving experience enjoyable for disabled people.

Push-button drive

The Ford Edge makes it possible to control the entire car from the steering wheel by just pushing a few buttons. For instance, if you have trouble turning your head, there is a sonar ranging device that warns you of cars in your blind spot.
Price: $28,000 – $37,000
Another one in the same league is the Chevrolet Traverse, a spacious car with full cruise control and multi position power seats. It comes with a 3.6 litre V6 engine and generates a beastly 288 horsepower.
Price: $29,000 – $31,000

Super comfy Wheelchair drive

Drive directly from your wheelchair is the promise that Elbee delivers. Specially designed around the needs of people in wheelchairs, Elbee ensures independent mobility as you can drive without ever leaving your wheelchair. So no more hassle of folding or mounting your wheelchair into the trunk.
The Elbee is eco-friendly too, with a consumption of 4.5 l/100km. It is appropriate for all types of roads, and with a combustion engine, the user is not limited to a battery’s capacity.
Price: $22,500

Swivelling car seats

The 360 degree swiveling car seat (manufactured by Motionperformance Essentials among other brands) allows you to rotate your body and legs for effortless maneuvering in and out of your car. It is built with a detachable strap that attaches to the seat belt and weighs about 2kg, allowing to carry people weighing up to 115kg.
Price: $20 – $60.

Convenient hand driving controls

The push-pull brake and accelerator hand controls (manufactured by Alfred Bekker among other brands) can be fitted into any car to make driving super convenient for those who cannot use foot pedals. Wireless buttons on the car steering wheel allow for remote operation of lights, wiper, horn and much more.
Price: $380 – $550
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