England (231-7) beats Australia (227) by 3 wickets in the 4th ODI between England VS Australia held on 14 September 2013 at Cardiff. Watch complete match highlights and scorecard is also available on this post.

Man of the match is Jos Butler for his unbeaten 65 runs off 48 balls leading England to a victory.

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Click Here To Watch Eng VS Aus 4th ODI Highlights
Click Here To Watch Eng VS Aus 4th ODI Highlight
Click Here To Watch Eng VS Aus 4th ODI Highlights


Australia innings (50 overs maximum)RMB4s6sSR
AJ Finchlbw b Finn011000.00
SE Marshc †Buttler b Stokes2557405062.50
SR Watsonc †Buttler b Rankin616111054.54
MJ Clarke*lbw b Finn2243283078.57
GJ Baileyc †Buttler b Rankin87138915395.60
AC Vogesb Bopara3060522057.69
MS Wadec Carberry b Tredwell3654403090.00
JP Faulknerrun out (Trott/†Buttler)1230033.33
MG Johnsonb Tredwell4560066.66
NM Coulter-Nilenot out715610116.66
CJ McKayb Tredwell212120016.66
Extras(b 1, lb 3, w 3)7
Total(all out; 48.2 overs)227(4.69 runs per over)
ST Finn1004324.30(2w)
WB Rankin1013123.10
BA Stokes914214.66(1w)
RS Bopara1004514.50
JC Tredwell8.205336.36
JE Root10909.00
England innings (target: 228 runs from 50 overs)RMB4s6sSR
MA Carberryb Coulter-Nile63147957066.31
KP Pietersenlbw b McKay5881062.50
IJL Trottc Finch b McKay011000.00
JE Rootc Watson b McKay011000.00
EJG Morgan*b Watson53114927057.60
RS Boparalbw b Faulkner736190036.84
JC Buttlernot out65724852135.41
BA Stokesb McKay2543293086.20
JC Tredwellnot out1640025.00
Extras(lb 8, w 4)12
Total(7 wickets; 49.3 overs)231(4.66 runs per over)
CJ McKay1033943.90(2w)
MG Johnson9.306406.73(2w)
JP Faulkner1014314.30
SR Watson1004314.30
NM Coulter-Nile1003413.40

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