Eye To Eye ~ The Worst song of the Century ~ DECLARED

I declare this song ( eye to eye ) as the worst song of this century, If you seriously want to damage your nervous system go ahead. Random comments by the listeners are mentioned below about this song personally I agree with them all, because myself I was not able to resist this song more then a minute, that’s too viral, sorta F5H1 Viral typo….

Sad Reality is there is no constitutional punishment on releasing such tracks, where Lady Gaga hits the peak and this fella came up with weirdest song, not only ruins the mood but the taste of music as well, lets follow up with the comments :-

Sabeen Asad Gul plz someone return my 5 minutes of my life back.I don’t know who put finance in dis stupid song…one word for singer…MORON!!!

Umar Noman are yr meri request hai All Pakistan Drama Page k admin se k please is k bad phir se ye post mat krna music k dushman ho tum log q music industry ko brbaad krne pe tule hue ho.
tum logo ki wajah se ab main koi song nahi sun pa raha bas is song ko 2 sec hi sunne k bad mera ye haal hai socho jo pura sun chuke hen un ka kya haal ho ga or han please phir se post mat krna hum pe reham kro hum ne abhi apne songs release krne hen btw main Pakistan main nahi hu so mere liye to problem nahi hai but Pakistan main rehne walo k liye ho jae gi.

Yousaf B. Ali this song gave me : AIDS allergies Alzheimer’s disease anxiety disorders arthritis asthma astigmatism autoimmune diseases benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) bipolar disorder (manic-depressive) brain cancer breast cancer cancer candidiasis cataracts celiac disease cervical cancer chicken pox chlamydia chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) chronic illness cold sores colon cancer constipation common cold COPD cough Crohn’s disease cystic fibrosis dementia diabetes diarrhea depression eczema endometriosis eye disorders fibroids fibromyalgia flu (influenza) food poisoning Gallstones genital herpes gonorrhea Graves’ disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis hay fever headache heart disease hemochromatosis hepatitis herpes high cholesterol HIV Hodgkin’s disease HPV (human papilloma virus) hypertension impotence insomnia irritable bowel syndrome jaundice kidney disease lactose intolerance leukemia liver cancer liver disease lung cancer lupus Lyme disease lymphoma meningitis meningococcal disease menopause mental illness myopia (short-sightedness) migraine multiple sclerosis muscular dystrophy narcolepsy Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma obesity osteoporosis otitis media (middle ear infection) ovarian cancer overweight pain Parkinson’s disease pelvic inflammatory disease pertussis premenstrual syndrome (PMS) prostate cancer prostate disorders Raynaud’s Phenomenon SARS sexually transmitted diseases sleep disorders smoking stroke thrush thyroid disorders whooping cough !!

Samreen Ahmed Horrible……

Sarah Khubaib maar dalo mujhey  …. yeh sab dekhne sun’nay k baad ma zinda kaise hu….  I am shifting to Krypton planet…..


These were few comments by the Facebookers, Okay one thing I noticed that, there’s also Urdu version of this song and this one he tried his level best to smash the Billboard records but ended up smashing innocent listeners brains, don’t know what he had in mind but seriously one must have advise before releasing such stuff which is not only horrible but harmful for the generations.


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