How To Be A Gardener


How to be a gardener, is no more a big issue. With little interest, love and care you can start you own garden right at home with very little space.You don’t need to be farmer nor need a big garden to grow your own plants at home. All you need is little space at home where you get little sun light and fresh air, it could be your window or the balcony. Like I have starting to grow plants in the pots. If you have a passion to be a gardener you will find your way to grow and experiment with plants of all kinds, flowers, fruit trees, herbs, vegetable and many more.

Gardener Tips


I started by collecting seeds of fruits I ate such, as lemon, olive, papaya, I even have tamarind trees growing in my pots. Throwing away the seeds always seemed a loss to me, so I started collecting them, ones they dried, I simply put them in the pots. Surprisingly they started sprouting with in no time. You can also get the plants you like from the nurseries if you don’t have the patience and time to collect seeds and plant them, and wait. Some seeds may not grow at all but its ok, plant few more.

Now if you are wondering how to grow trees in a pot, no worries you can always use the bonsai technique to grow them in the pots later on. In fact it was the bonsai technique which encouraged me to plant these seeds in the pots. Trees always fascinated me but didn’t know how would I ever be able to grow them at home after gathering information about bonsai technique I was able to take this step. I am not an bonsai expert, it will be my first experience at it but I am sure I will make it. So here I go, I am sharing the photos of my trees and hope it will encourage you too. Make your own garden at home no matter if you don’t have a garden in your home.


Tamarind Tree: My tamarind tree is about four months now. The tree grows up to 12 to 18 feet in height. Commonly used as a bonsai species in many Asian Countries, it is also grown as an indoor bonsai in temperate parts of the world.

Papaya Tree: Beautiful trees that gives a fruit with many health benefits. I decided to have it because I simple love how it looks.

Olive Tree: Why not olive tree too, had many seeds so I just put some in the pots and it sprouted.

Lemon Tree: If you love the fruit you would definitely want to have one. The plant will fill your home with its beautiful aroma.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera : It has many health benefits, so why not have it at home. I got the plant from the nursery and so far it is doing well with just water and sunshine.

 Happy Gardening !



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