Girl Dancing inside classroom in front of the teachers

There’s a serious problem with this nation, they are unable to decide either to follow Islam or the west, The modern culture in Pakistan has disgraceful infact shameful to our culture and the morals. The Double minded ?

This young girl is seen dancing in front of an entire classroom in which teachers as well as students are present.

The Official name of this country is  ” Islamic Republic of Pakistan “ where you can witness how Schools are in Pakistan.

The improper act of bop in highly regarded medium is very disgrace to our culture,

School is reflected to be a location of poise and obtaining  Knowledge. This improper act of bop in highly regarded medium is very disgrace to our culture.

Marching quickly in the direction of modernization, Pakistani nation has mixed a way long in the direction of western heritage.

But inquiry arises that is this all according to our culture? Is this what our new generation is obtaining and if yes who is responsible for it newspapers or change in learning?




Parents of this girl must be very proud I am sure, why forget the teachers standing and watching this.

INCPak isn’t on the web to promote vulgarity, But Modern Culture has left us with no choice  we have show what is happening, condemn the wrong to stop it – we all have to pay our role no matter it takes,  Do Not Blow off the Moral and Ethics  Save Pakistan and Islam

If you are responsible Parent kindly watch out on your kids activities because this isn’t the only unique event took place in the history of Pakistan. I hope you will take actions seriously to save your respect as well Religion and Culture.

Share such news maybe few learn some lesson out of this.

This is not how Schools should be, next time before we point finger on TTP for blowing girls schools in KP and FATA, we must remember what is happening in urban modern pakistani schools.

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