The 3rd Investec Ashes Test Series between England VS Australia was drawn after the weather came in between as a barrier into the match. This makes England to win the Test Series and retain the Ashes again. Complete match highlights ,presentation and scorecard is available.


Click Here To Watch 3rd Ashes Test 5th Day Highlights On ISCPAKtv
Click Here To Watch 3rd Ashes Test 5th Day Highlights On ISCPAK


Australia 1st
SR Watsonc Cook b Bresnan1982492038.77
CJL Rogerslbw b Swann8417111414073.68
UT Khawajac †Prior b Swann12619005.26
MJ Clarke*b Broad18744331423059.55
SPD Smithc Bairstow b Swann892891968045.40
DA Warnerc Trott b Swann515101050.00
BJ Haddinnot out65165996065.65
PM Siddleb Swann1660016.66
MA Starcnot out6686719092.95
Extras(lb 6, w 2, nb 2)10
Total(7 wickets dec; 146 overs; 649 mins)527(3.60 runs per over)
JM Anderson33611603.51(1nb)
SCJ Broad33610813.27
TT Bresnan32611413.56(1nb, 2w)
GP Swann43215953.69
JE Root401804.50
IJL Trott10606.00
England 1st
AN Cook*c †Haddin b Starc622331777035.02
JE Rootc †Haddin b Siddle897571014.03
TT Bresnanc †Haddin b Siddle11615006.66
IJL Trottc Clarke b Harris557320015.62
KP Pietersenlbw b Starc11331720612254.85
IR Bellb Harris6015211210153.57
JM Bairstowc Watson b Starc2268513043.13
MJ Priorc Warner b Siddle30139984030.61
SCJ Broadc †Haddin b Lyon3262667048.48
GP Swannc †Haddin b Siddle11111111100.00
JM Andersonnot out336130023.07
Extras(b 3, lb 17, nb 1)21
Total(all out; 139.3 overs; 598 mins)368(2.63 runs per over)
RJ Harris3198222.64
MA Starc2757632.81(1nb)
NM Lyon35129512.71
SR Watson1572601.73
PM Siddle29.376342.13
SPD Smith20603.00
Australia 2nd
CJL Rogersc †Prior b Broad1225231052.17
DA Warnerc Root b Bresnan4179575071.92
UT Khawajab Swann2477382063.15
SR Watsonc Pietersen b Bresnan1829241075.00
MJ Clarke*not out3070321093.75
SPD Smithrun out (sub [TR Craddock]/†Prior/Anderson)19271902100.00
BJ Haddinc Broad b Anderson81591088.88
MA Starcc Swann b Anderson11171110100.00
RJ Harrisnot out033000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 2, w 3)9
Total(7 wickets dec; 36 overs; 176 mins)172(4.77 runs per over)
JM Anderson803724.62(1w)
SCJ Broad723014.28
GP Swann1507414.93
TT Bresnan602524.16(2w)
England 2nd
innings (target:
332 runs)
AN Cook*lbw b Harris0109000.00
JE Rootnot out1395571022.80
IJL Trottc †Haddin b Harris1146271040.74
KP Pietersenc †Haddin b Siddle817161050.00
IR Bellnot out412140028.57
Extras(w 1)1
Total(3 wickets; 20.3 overs; 95 mins)37(1.80 runs per over)
RJ Harris731321.85
MA Starc42601.50(1w)
SR Watson22000.00
NM Lyon30802.66
PM Siddle3.30812.28
MJ Clarke10202.00
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