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Highlights of India VS Zimbabwe 5th ODI

India (167-3) beat Zimbabwe (163 all out) by 7 wickets with 96 balls remaining in the 5th ODI at Bulawayo on 03 August 2013. Complete match highlights and scorecard available for India VS Zimbabwe 5th ODI.


Zimbabwe innings (50
overs maximum)
V Sibandac †Karthik b Unadkat5171410
H Masakadzab Jadeja32754640
BRM Taylor*†c Raina b Sharma0231100
T Marumac †Karthik b Mohammed Shami4161200
SC Williamsc Kohli b Mishra511046560
MN Wallerc Sharma b Mishra8261800
E Chigumburalbw b Mishra17453730
TC Mutombodzic Raina b Mishra43500
N Mushangweb Mishra16121402
KM Jarvisnot out12171220
BV Vitoric Kohli b Mishra49800
Extras(lb 4, w 3, nb 3)10
Total(all out; 39.5 overs; 174 mins)163(4.09 runs per over)
India innings (target:
164 runs from 50 overs)

CA Pujarab Jarvis02400
S Dhawanc †Taylor b Jarvis41483861
AM Rahaneb Waller501066641
RA Jadejanot out48857742
KD Karthiknot out10261910
Extras(b 4, lb 2, w 12)18
Total(3 wickets; 34 overs; 136 mins)167(4.91 runs per over)
MM Sharma602514.16(1w)
JD Unadkat61811.33
RA Jadeja1004214.20
Mohammed Shami712713.85(2w)
SK Raina20904.50
A Mishra8.504865.43(3nb)
KM Jarvis831822.25
BV Vitori504108.20(2w)
E Chigumbura401102.75(1w)
N Mushangwe602604.33(2w)
TC Mutombodzi502905.80(1w)
SC Williams201809.00(1w)
MN Waller401814.50

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