HUM TV official Website hacked

Hum TV official website hacked by Pakistan Cyber Attackers

Official website of HUM TV network located at has been once again hacked by some Pakistani hackers. As of now the website is showing a defaced page which says the website has been hacked by “Pakistan cyber Attackers”. Hum TV was hacked by the same hacker group a few months ago with the same reason but the website was recovered.

According to the hacker group the website was targeted due to “Vulgarity” displayed on the channel. They also said that action was taken as PEMRA did not take any action against HUM TV. A mirror of the hacked can be found at

The complete message is here:

The Country of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Pakistan’s estimated Population In 2015 is over 191.71 million.We Noticed that from Previous 10 years Media of Pakistan Fastly Spreading Vulgarity & Nudity In Pakistan.Some Our Local TV Channels Are Spreading Vulgarity, These channels are Spreading Anti-Pakistan Propaganda.Morning shows have become Shows of Debauchery, Vulgarity & Immorality.This Kind of Vulgarity, Debauchery and Semi-Nudity Must be Curbed.By Playing Dramas, Morning Shows, Commercial Adds, Music Programmes & Even In Funny Programmes. Day By Day Increasing Vulagr & Nudity Scenes, In Dramas and Even Each Programme Are Consists on Nudity & Vulgarity Scenes.
Ignorance by PEMRA
It Seems That The PEMRA is Only Name & Nothing, Their Role is Deaf & Blind
Where is PEMRA? Why PEMRA Not Banning Those Kinds of Program in Pakistan
PEMRA Must Take strict Action Against Those & Their Programmes Should Be Strictly Stop From Telecasting
Ignorance by NEWS Anchors
We Seen Many News Talk Shows, About Criticizing & Discussing Other Topics
But We Never Seen Any News Talk Show Where Discussing Or Criticizing Against Vulgar & Nudity Spreading On TV Channels
Due to Media Where We Reached?
Effect of Media On Society
Disaster of Our Young Generation
Some Days Ago A 16 Years Teenagers Shoots Girl & Then Suicide Himself In School Premises
This All Happening Due to Media & That’s Type of Accident Will Rise In Society

So The Question Is Rising Here, Where Is The Islamic Republic of Pakistan…???
Are We Obey Islamic Culture & Its Rules According to Quran And Ahadees
Pakistan Have Extensive Natural Resources But Still Beggar Country Each Year Taken Loans From Other Countries, Why?
Because Not Following The Actual Rules of Islam, Not Taken Control On Things Which Goes Against Islam.
We Are Muslim We Want Islamic Rules & Culture In Our Country

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