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INCPak site with new looks and features

First of all, Special Thanks to Ubaid Ur Rehman for making this possible, professionally qualified Engineer and Technically into Gadgets, but this time took the lead by changing the entire appearance of INCPak Site.

Now you get wide space to read !  ok first thing first……………….  Ramazan Mubarak :)

INCPak Front Page got more to offer, like the posts / images / etc… Other Features which newly added on the INCPak Site :- 

1. Live Tv

Ali Akber Mustafa started this trend and Ubaid ur Rehman made it value added, that’s right now you can access not only cricket but also Live Transmission from Makkah and Madinah is being Transmissed without any disturbance, in above Category you can see  Live Tv > Makkah Live & Madinah Live – simple and easy, well the cricket is there as well and we’ll be adding more interesting Live Coverage Excluding Local Media Channels – I am anti them :)

2. Responsive Theme ( Auto Adjustable )

Now you don’t need to worry at all, weather you are viewing on your PC / Tablet or Smart Phone, the site will automatically, Try it !

3. Social Interaction

Not Only Facebook but INCPak exists where ever its FREE :p  ( Twitter / Facebook / Google + / Pinterest / Flickr / Tumblr ) Yes we are everywhere, specially Twitter Updates which are connected with Facebook and all other Social Circus gonna be easier, So don’t forget to LIKE / Follow / Join / Just Nail it ………

4. Podcasting 

Now your gonna hear even the Audio ! Specially by one of our Talkative INCPak Team member who loves to guide :) will be helping you all with small audio session where something required to explain in all  ( Urdu / English ) at times even he talks in Russian :D

5. Pinpoint Location of the news ( Google Maps )

[googlemap src=”,+Islamabad++Google+Maps&fb=1&gl=pk&hq=Faisal+mosque+,&hnear=0x38dfbfd07891722f:0x6059515c3bdb02b6,Islamabad&cid=0,0,1448480908618977018&ei=OrfcUfOhNMjn4QSntYGIBg&ved=0CKYBEPwSMAM” width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

Yesss ! Now this is how we’ll guide you when by pin pointing the location, across the globe .

6. Flickr

Will be organizing all the beautiful images of Pakistan and all around on the Flickr, you are also welcome to share with everyone via INCPak simply just send images at – Sharing Is Caring !!!!!

7. Live Chat 

Live Chat is available now you can chat with others easily, check the above category bar, there you see the Live Chat – we’ll be updating Chat to make it more interesting – if you know better platform, which offers FREE voice chat let us know.

8.  [tooltip text=”Hmmm” gravity=”nw”]You are intelligent !!!! Now If there is something additional needed to explain, we’ll be using this option so you can easily get the HINT [/tooltip]

9. [feed url=”” number=”2″ ]

RSS Feed updated you can subscribe and stay updated.

0. Review Box 

Now with our new posts, you will see STARS / Points or Percentage, you can rate our post as well as Review like Google App store ! That’s off the Facebook and Disqus it comments. – Gamers understand this well

INCPak is doing the best as much as possible being on the web and what I would like you to do is follow us, share our post with your friends on social networks ( LIKE ) depends on you but your support is must to improve. I am personally thankful to each and every person who supported me from my blog till here, for making this platform wider and better for everyone, By the graces of all mighty Allah ~ INCPak is becoming much bigger and more stronger. Keep Supporting INCPak.

your suggestions and additional Addons which you which should be here throw me an email :

Stay Blessed and Specially In Karachi Safe :)


Farhan Imaan

[highlight]INCPak Empowering youth [/highlight]



  1. Iftikhar Ali

    Jul 10, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Nice theme but it lacks very important Search feature

    • INCPak

      Jul 12, 2013 at 6:57 pm

      added :)

      • Iftikhar Ali

        Jul 13, 2013 at 6:19 am

        Thumbs up :)

  2. Faizan Khalid

    Jul 10, 2013 at 6:19 am


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