Meera and Captain America divorced


Wondering why media gives so much hype to Porn star Meera ,  In January 2014 the the series of Videos was released on Social Media in which Captain America and Meera were making out ( TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT  JANU )

If you don’t remember check this post

Pakistani Actress Meera’s got Refunded ! Yes Divorced seems like drama continues on after massive Porn released by these two and denying by saying somebody wearing MASK …


 Meera and Captain America divorced


Pakistani Local Media channels were the one to declare the wedding which hardly none recalls when the hell it took place but In Kharri Baat Mubashar Luqman Anchor Host showed the Marriage certificate of both when this Porn video was flying high.

Who really cares? that’s the point, when our country is stuck in so many Internal and External issues, People seriously don’t care where this drama is turning and what’s next – Our Media should act little sober and mature at least not like this by defending wrong and giving hype to unwanted news.

Meera and Captain America both can be viewed in the video, The Desperate Make Out  Part 1  – Part 2 – Part 3 and Part 4  hell knows how many parts are remaining …

Hope this story ends here and media wouldn’t mingle this story so far for now Meera and Captain America divorced .


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