Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf ( PTI ) Special Forensic Audit

In March 2013, Chairman Imran Khan authorized a Special Forensic Audit in wake of alleged corruption, financial embezzlements of overseas donations and other malpractices by concerned PTI finance and other staff members.

Please watch the video above to see how six months later the Special Forensic Audit authorized by Chairman Imran Khan has been stalled by the corrupt Mafia within PTI. Some elements of this Mafia also resides within PTI’s Central Finance Board and these characters are trying their best to hide their fraudulent activities.

We have information that in an effort to “water-down” the scope of the Special Forensic Audit,


it has now been agreed in a fresh ‘terms of engagement’ that the scale and scope of the so called ‘Special Forensic Audit’ includes only the audit of donations received up to December 2012 and excludes audit of any donations received to fund the PTI 2013 election campaign. Isn’t this alarming? Even more alarming is that the scale and scope of the Special Forensic Audit excludes audit of ANY Expenses. How can audit be considered a financial audit without a review of the expenses side?

The reality is that there are evidences that the bank accounts of paid employees of the PTI’s Central Secretariat were used as a front to collect millions of rupees donations from various sources. Hard earned money of PTI donors were deposited in these front accounts that was then withdrawn by the paid PTI employees in whose names the bank accounts operated.

One such example is PTI’s Senior Accountant, Mr. Mohammed Arshad who was paid a monthly salary of approximately 25,000 Rupees. However, during April 13th, 2011 and August 28th 2011, amount of transaction of his PERSONAL BANK account number

(061302010153922 PLS) amount to 3,684,248 Rupees which does not reconcile with his resources of income. It is alleged that these amounts were donated by the overseas PTI’s donors, which he embezzled with the help of others working at PTI Secretariat and PTI Finance Department.

Time and again PTI donors have been exploited in the name of fund raising with absolutely no transparency and accountability of how and where our hard earned donations were spent.

Enough is Enough! This is the time to stand up for what is right and demand a complete and transparent Special Forensic Audit of PTI accounts under an INDEPENENT ACCOUNTABILITY COMMISSION. Currently, the audit is made to report to the Central Finance Board  whose members are being accused of embezzling  funds donated by overseas PTI supporters.

There MUST not be any fund raising for PTI anywhere in the world until a transparent check and balance system is in place.

PTI’s Central Executive Council (CEC) is meeting over this weekend. Once again we request you to watch this video and make your own objective assessment of the entire situation and then contact PTI’s leadership to demand a complete and transparent Special Forensic Audit of PTI accounts. Currently the special audit is going nowhere and nor is it making any serious attempt to investigate potentially criminal activities of the PTI finance team.

Below is the contact information of PTI’s top leadership.

The Chairman, Imran Khan:Email:  VC, Shah Mehmood QureshiEmail:
President: Makhdoom Javed HashmiEmail:  Secretary General, Pervez KhattakEmail: 
Asad UmarEmail:  Fauzia KasuriEmail: 
Jahangir Khan TareenEmail: Azam
We expatriates have helped PTI with our money and our valuable time so that it can bring about the CHANGE in our motherland. We have every right to demand answers and the party and its leadership should also adhere to its self-proclaimed standards of justice, accountability and transparency. 

  Thank you!


PTI Donors for Accountability Cell

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