Peshawar Attack – Video by INCPak

Peshawar Attack on Army Public School on 16th, December, 2014 – The Barbaric act by Tehrik e Taliban killing innocent children in the school. History don’t even have any reference which matches with it. It was not less than A Judgement day for Pakistan, Specially when I think of the parents, mothers those who lost their loved ones on that day, I become speechless, I’ve lost my mother and with the grief I have to live with is nothing infront of those mother who lost their angels.

They sacrificed their lives, but they surely did one thing which nobody could, No politician, No Religious leader, THEY UNITED PAKISTAN . even All Party Conference ( Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan ) keeping all the disputes away discussed this issue of terrorism which is killing our next generation.

Capital Punishment ban lifted up on the suggestion of Chief Of Army Staff, that’s one great news, Now terrorists will be hang to death and that’s should’ve been done way long before but Now as Pakistan stands United, Every face is sad no matter where you see, doesn’t matter it’s Quetta Balochistan or Karachi,Sindh  Country is Mourning for 3 days because still we are in the state of shock.

Here I would like to dedicate this video to those who have lost their lives to unite us all together. Kindly Share with other so that they can be remembered till the end of the time.

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There’s something else I would like to bring into your attention the only person who didn’t condemn this terrorist act, we’ve been covering News updates ever since it happened but seriously I have no words for this PIG .


 WHY ?  Because 



I am thankful of all the INCPak Facebook Page Fans for greeting him with the respect, I would like you to add up some more.

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