Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Address to Nation – 19th August 2013 – Video

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has expressed resolve of the government to eliminate the menace of terrorism‚ improve economy‚ address power crisis and pursue good neighbourly relations with all countries of the region including India for regional peace and prosperity.

He was addressing the nation over Radio and Television networks on Monday.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is today facing serious challenges like terrorism endangering the very survival of the country and worst kind of load-shedding that has paralysed the economy. The very foundations of the country have been shaken due to mal-administration‚ rampant corruption in every sphere and inefficiency of the last fourteen years that has brought national institutions like PIA‚ Pakistan Steel‚ Railway and WAPDA to the verge of virtual collapse. These institutions are inflicting huge losses of five billion rupees annually to the national exchequer. He said national debt which stood at just three thousand billion rupees in June 1990 has now soared to 14500 billion rupees.

The Prime Minister said one can gauge the insensitivity of the previous regime and the level of corruption from two instances of Nandipur and Neelum-Jhelum power projects. Their execution was either obstructed or criminally delayed leading to massive increase in the cost and delay in their completion at a time when the country badly needed electricity.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Address to Nation 

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The Prime Minister recounted the measures taken by the present government to overcome the electricity crisis. He said despite financial constraints‚ the government arranged retirement of circular debt worth 480 billion rupees as a result of which electricity generation has increased by 1700 MW. He said another factor of load-shedding was massive theft of electricity and gas ranging between 150 to 250 billion rupees annually and that is why the government has launched an aggressive campaign against power and gas theft and the campaign would continue with full resolve.

Nawaz Sharif said a consensus national energy policy has been approved with input from the provinces which is an important milestone in efforts to overcome the electricity crisis. He said long term measures are also being initiated to mitigate the electricity shortage and soon coal-based power plants with aggregate capacity of 6600 MW would be inaugurated at Gaddani‚ followed by establishment of plants at Thar. He expressed the confidence that the menace of load-shedding would be over during constitutional tenure of the PML(N) Government.

Referring to terrorism‚ the Prime Minister said the government was determined to tackle the problem either through dialogue or with full might of the state and all state institutions are on the same page on the issue. He said the government has more than one options to tackle the problem but wisdom demands that there is no loss of innocent lives. He invited those treading the path of terrorism to dialogue to end the vicious cycle of bloodshed.

Mian Nawaz Sharif said it is time for bold review of our foreign policy as without the scant national resources cannot be exploited for the good of the poor and progress and prosperity of the country. He said his dream to make Pakistan an Asian tiger is deeply linked to this.

The Prime Minister said Kashmir is a national issue and jugular vein of Pakistan and resolution of the problem is as dear to him as other Pakistanis. He however said we will have to keep in the mind that we cannot achieve any target without strengthening economy of the country. He said alongside Kashmir issue‚ we will have to pay attention to strengthen our economy‚ resolve our internal and external problems and tackle power crisis and terrorism.

He said Pakistan and India will have to joint their heads together so that they can address common issues like poverty and ignorance. He said history bears testimony to the fact that progress and development of a nation is deeply linked to cordial relations with neighbours. It is because of this that we want good relations with all neighbours including India.

He said he has always wanted good relations with India and people supported his contention during recent elections. He said both countries should realize that instead of wasting their energies and resources on wars‚ they should wage war against poverty‚ ignorance and disease. He said the nation is fully prepared to defend the motherland along with its valiant armed forces.

The Prime Minister said we will have to pursue a strategy on Afghanistan that highlights bright face of the country in the comity of nations.

He said the government has a clear cut position on drone attacks which are violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and this was directly communicated to US Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to stop these attacks. He said the Un Secretary General has also expressed concern over killing of peaceful civilians in these attacks.

The Prime Minister said situation in Balochistan is of concern for every Pakistani as innocent Pakistanis are being targeted by killers. He said this state of affair cannot be allowed to persist and the federal government would provide all resources and support to the elected provincial government for restoration of peace and progress and development of Balochistan. He pointed out that PML(N) was in a position to form its own government in the province but it sacrificed its right to form the government for the sake of the province and Pakistan. He said the federal government will also support PPP government in Sindh and PTI government in KPK so that we can resolve problems of the country together.

He however said there should not be corruption‚ mal-administration and murder of merit and transparency and in that case the government will take notice of the situation. He said the situation in Karachi is also worrisome and hoped that the provincial government will take result oriented measures to eliminate lawlessness forever in a city which is nerve centre of the national economy. He said he wants development of Karachi and initiation of projects like underground metro to resolve problems of its people.

Mian Nawaz Sharif invited investors to come forward to help restore economy and put Pakistan on the path of progress and prosperity. He said Pakistan and China have agreed to work together to undertake a number of projects for the development of the country. Under Kashghar-Gwadar economic corridor‚ highway will be constructed and in the second phase Railway line would be laid and the project would change destiny of the region.

The Prime Minister said he has a vision to extend motorways and communication links not only to Kabul but also to Central Asia and South Asian region. He said there would be no room for corrupt and inactive officers in the administrative machinery.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is passing through a challenge phase and we will have to take difficult and important decisions. He assured the nation that his government will not do any politics on the issues of economy‚ elimination of terrorism and resolution of the energy crisis.

He invited youth to play their role in rebuilding of Pakistan and said his government would soon announce details of the programme prepared for welfare of the youth.

The prime Minister said it is his desire that there should be more than one income earning individual in every family and employment opportunities reach to every home.

Mian Nawaz Sharif announced that the government has prepared a low-cost housing scheme for low income families. He said under the scheme millions of shelterless people belonging to all the provinces would become owners of houses with modern facilities within the next five years. Details of the scheme would be announced in October this year.

The Prime Minister said his government was also alive to the problems faced by minorities and issues relating to empowerment of women. He urged people to give their input for resolution of the problems in education‚ health and water sectors.

He appealed to the nation to come forward and generously provide assistance to their flood affected brethren. He said the federal government is ready to offer every possible support to mitigate their sufferings.

The Prime Minister said challenges are great but their determination is even greater to overcome them and lead Pakistan to the path of progress and prosperity. He said he was confident that the country of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam was about to enter in a bright era.

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