Qmobile Noir A8 Technical Information

I have tested used Qmobile Noir A8 This is the Technical Information which new Buyers wants to know about the phone it was previously on my blog Faree’s Weblog now on this Site  I am sure it’s useful for all of you, I have been testing and reviewing phones as a hobby but so far Qmobile Noir A8 been one of the best phone in budget.

Price 16,000/- 


Standard Information 


Model : A8

Product : Qmobile

Board : ginee77_cu_ics2

Brand : Qmobile

Fingerprint : alps/gionee77_cu_ics2/gionee77_cu_ics2:4.0.4/IMM76D/1347877278:user/test-keys


Name : ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v71)

Current freq : 1001 MHz

Max freq : 1001 MHz

Min freq : 250.25 MHz

Cores : 2

Architecture : 7

BogoMIPS : 1862.86

Hardware : MT6577

Revision : 0


Total : 497144 kB

Free : 20528 kB

Inactive : 49468 kB


Resolution : 480 x 800

DPI              :  240×240

Refresh Rate : 78.23 Hz

GPU ( OpenGL ) 

Cendor : Imagination Technologies

Renderer : PowerVR SGX 531

Version : OpenGL ES 2.0

Max texture units : 4

Max tenture size : 2048

Max lights : 8

VBO : Supported

Frame buffers : supported

Cube maps: supported

Texture combiners : supported

DOT3 combiners : supported

Crossbar combiner : supported

Shader language version : OpenGL ES GLSL 1.00 build 1.8@861574


yamaha530 Orientation sensor

yamaha530 3-axis Magnetic Field sensor

bma222 3-axis Accelerometer

tmd2771 Proximity Sensor

tmd2771 Light Sensor

I am sure this is helpful for all those who are willing to know technically A8 comparing with other phones .

Benchmark result


Atutu Benchmark


The ScreenShot Images 

You can email me fareesmart@incpak.com , if you are getting it more than 16000/- in market I can get you on actual Retail Price. It has Increased recently due to Dollar went high, email me along with your contact we are working on proper setup where you can place the order if you are in Karachi you can get it at your door-step in 16000/- and If Country Wide than + Courier.

kindly prefer to email about the query rather than asking here on comments .

Thank you.

Farhan Imaan

Faree’s Mart

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  1. brother tell me if it supports 3G network?????if not then it has a very negative impact on user.what the solution is???

  2. @Faree: i bought Noir A8, in Settings>About , SYSTEM UPDATE option isn’t there, is it normal for other A8 too ???


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