I have been getting information that Qmobille Noir A10 and Noir A8 prices has been reshuffled by the company, yet it would too soon to say why? because of the dollar or Qmobile strategy, but that is confirm that Prices hiked today.

New Price list hasn’t been issued but news is A8 is now 16500/- most of the people those who are interested to buy asking me is it okay to buy Noir A8 in 16.5k TAG well I cannot say now but on Monday I will visit the market and find out what is happening.

This is just to confirm you that old prices are no longer valid and new ones hasnt been updated on the websites so don’t get confused if you see 15000 and think it is still the same.

In the other news Noir A6 is missing from the market, cause unknown yet, It is possible that Qmobile is fixing the Bug with the previous sets and relaunch it in the market like they did before in Noir A2 by changing the processor but A6 has totally disappeared from the market.

Noir A10 ad commercial on the TV shows the TAG of 19500/- which is higher than previous or launched price possibility is that Q Reshuffling making space for upcoming models like A9 and A11.

To Stay update Subscribe INCPak via Email and Share your comments Interaction is always helpful for all, almost the Same I have updated on my blog  www.faree.tk or farees.wordpress.com , Now don’t start questioning me about Noir A9 or A11 because I have to confirm from the Authorities but I can say for sure something is going on in Q Strategy which has caused Prices Hike of the already released Noir Series phones meanwhile FGive takes the market with Bravo and other phone Sets.

Stay Blessed

Farhan Imaan

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  1. I saw poster of Qmobile in Sareena Mobile Market, which shows Noir A9 along with A6, A8 and A10 in orderly fashion, do you have any info on Noir A9?

  2. I still did'nt get why Q-Mobile came up with such cheap tactics i.e increasing the price after one month of launch. I'm sure people will understand that trap and wont go for Q Mobile, In my opinion Noir A-10 in Rs 19,500 is is useless and waste of money.. if you are buying a samrt phone over Rs 15K then it should compete with the high end ones by top manufecturers like samsung LG etc. The best alternate of Noir A-10 is G'five bravo G95.

    • but Bravo doesnt have GPS while G-Five A86 comes with Android 4.0 480×800 pixels (4 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen not TFT) with, 8 megapixel camera, record videos in 720p along with a front VGA camera. A MTK6575 Cortex A9 1GHz+GPU, it can play 720p files not 1080p & play 3D games like, Temple run – Dungeon Hunter – Need4Speed Hot'persuit etc, RAM is 512, ROM 4GB, 2GB user available massive 2800 mAh battery. G-Cloud space about 5.5 GB. NOT BAD in 13k


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