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It is to inform all that from now onward, All New Mobile Phones & Tablets ( Any Brand will be available Online from Sharing is Caring Section in INCPak and Facebook Page. After seeing the unfairness and Cheating in Market today I spoke with the various dealers, Currently Service is enabled for KarachiDoor Step Delivery and for the International ( PayPal and Bank Account and will expand the service for entire  Pakistan with in this week.

I don’t believe in cheats and personally myself I have suffered alot due to market prices so this time, It would be fair deal those who know me via blog / Site / Sharing is Caring it would be the same for all others as well. Tomorrow I will update the price list of Iphone 5, 3G , 4G and 4Gs and Samsung S2 , SIII and Y. Noir, GFive, Tablets, along with specification.

About the Used ( Personally Tested I would be only for sell) since I am not gonna become a millionaire by cheating few, neither I was to loose my respect at any cost, for it would fair deal.

This service is to provide relief to those who are willing to buy but getting on different rates at times lower but Re-Packed but here New Means NEW nothing else.

Sharing Is Caring has been Expended to Serve all with the facility of Online information, Reviews Rates, Availbility and Direct Contact so they can confirm on the time along with the way I support. I am sure you all will gain out of it since going to market buying from untrusted sources and not knowing it is used/ Stolen/Repacked in the shape of NEW and even used reliable or not, So on this the way I been helping you out, you have trust me.

To Order Online 

( Currently Service is available for Karachi ) email me at with your name, address and contact number along with the phone / Tablet you want, Payment mode Cash on doorstep.

As soon email will be received, you will get a call, Your order will be confirmed and with in few hours you will get it on your designated Address.

For International Order ( PayPal ) account / Bank Account has been set up.

kindly contact via email for further information.

For All Over Pakistan ( TCS Charges will be extra Charged )Since the Market has Repacked sets ” I assure you that I wouldn’t be dealing in those, so if the Sealed Pack Set is 2 to 3 Hundred expensive but warranty and set is totally brand new would be only preferred.Rates I will update the List on the INCPak website. Used Sets with Image(s) / Specification will be on the site.INCPak Site upgrading will take 2 to 3 days and the Country Wide Service.Thank You ,Farhan Imaan


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