Sygic GPS for Android Phones Free GPS app with Pakistan Map

I have updated the Sygic APK and the Map over here, since the links were not working previously now you can download and enjoy Sygic Navigation like before – I don’t recommend the updated version nor the Trial, use this APK and the Map and follow the instructions, it will work fine.

Most of the Users reported that Sygic is not working without internet / GPRS access – well that’s only in that case when the maps are updated else it works flawless offline, I have checked it personally before updating this post .  Sygic GPS Navigation this Crack version is purely tested  in Various cities and even on the highway it is accurate and voice guidance makes it more friendly with many other options, If you are using Qmobile Noir A5 or any other with GPS supportive than here a Sygic GPS app for you all, Install APK it will be in SD Memory, Rest it will download all in this, doesn’t affect your internal memory at all nor takes too much processing load, you can use other features while your GPS is working. The Best Navigation App for Android phones, Tested on Noir A5 , HTC ChaCha , Samsung Galaxy S1 now A8 , A9 and Noir A10


Just follow the procedure, step by step and it will be done, Register it, online after installing it won’t charge you anything, it has all the maps apart from Pakistan but since I am in Pakistan and I think you need 3D Modeling Voice Navigated with lot of features follow the procedure below

Procedure step by step

download it and copy it into your phone SD memory ( Sygic APK file )

Follow the method Step by Step !



Download Sygic Navigation APK

Download link updated on 1st June 2016

download-button (1)

1. Download APK file 

2. Install this file in your android phone , once done .

3. Click Open

4. select  ASIA > Scroll down  in the list  Select  PAKISTAN

5. It will download Map

6. Be sure you are Via Wi Fi  because it will be 500  MB or more

7. When Done  Restart your phone

8. Make a login and Password ID ( Optional )

9. Turn GPS on  first than click Sygic icon , it will detect your location ,

0. As soon it will get Clear GPS Signals it will  turn on ,  ( ENJOY ) FREE GPS  Entire PAKISTAN with Voice Navigation with 3d modeling structure of many places as well as Points of Interest POI .

The reason it takes too long plus 500 MB because it’s Voice Navigation also it has many features , It does not require Internet at all Just GPS , even if you sign up it wont charge you its free works perfect.

Keep checking back I’ll be loading more useful apps for android , kindly if you have apps send me via email and share the detail as well.

Don’t forget to share your comments about Sygic,

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  1. I downloaded that sygic and It was not working, when I turn on gps and sygic and it starts searching gps signals and my location , after that it says turn on internet, when I do that it only searches my location that too just approximate, not exact, no navigation at all.

  2. Two apps sygic n sygic downloader are being displayed after installation. Which to use n which can be deleted?

  3. Dear farhan bhai,
    The app is working fine on my mobile. I wanted to know have you figured out the possibility of using it with car DVD system I.e, rockmars, with GPS option.

    I am from Lahore and now have been transfered by my employer to Rawalpindi. I want this app to work on my car system. Please help.



    • I have worked with Audio system shop fellas and we did experiments but they weren’t paying good for this hardwork after which I quit. so still it needs to be explored

  4. Using LG smart phone. My Sygic down load has 7 days trial version down loaded. How to make it petmansnt .All steps were followed.
    WhT to do Now

    • install sygic apk, if it ask to activate then active with india map when download start skip it by force don’t complete it then turn off Internet connection after this put your Pakistan map data in aura folder restart your fone enjoy 🙂

  5. I am having qmble a9
    I installed sygic frm ur link bt whn i start it shows app nt responding with black screen it geta close
    I dnt knw how to run this in my cell plz help


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