Top 5 Online Storage ( FREE )

There are many online cloud storage and online storage services which are offering FREE space but not all works well specially when it comes to save your precious data online secured, so I went through many and came up with these top 5 ofcourse I keep updating with time so these are for now 2012.

1. Skydrive 

If you are already using Hotmail live than you don’t need to sign in but by clicking or logging via you will be there , the most secure and the best storage online for personal usage.

2. Minus , isn’t famous I wonder why not, but it’s the best one for multimedia even you can go there and search several others, you can sign up with your facebook id too, but I would recommand you to make sign up via email id. so you can change later on as you want , 10 GB initially you get and , Android app is available on google play very good and useful for sharing purpose

3. 4shared 

how can I forget the best out of all, 4shared been the most favorite among others because of it’s user friendly interface as well as you have many other options , you get lot of space. check it out .

4. Box , is way too better than dropbox , use it and you will know why, it is not just about uploading but also about downloading when you want too, so which I am referring I have tested and personally using them for my shortage and sharing purpose. 5GB initially you get but who is stopping to you to make 10s of account :)

5. Mujeba

one of the best service at this  time running smoothly is Adrive, I only advise those which are tested my me and this one is secure and good as well . they believe in free and so do i …

Check my previous post on online storage too if you want to know about other services which are free and working best online, kindly give your comments , share if you are using any other site which you think worth to be shared and its rear as couple of above one are. thanks for reading hope you find it useful, subscribe via email and visit back :)

Have a great day.

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