Tottenham Hotspur vs. Swansea City Watch Live 25 August 13

A strong start. Two wins in the opening week have an air of optimism around White Hart Lane. Spurs were able to grab a 1-0 win away to Crystal Palace then travel to Georgia and grab a smashing victory over Dinamo Tbilisi in Europa League play. Roberto Soldado is off to a strong start at striker, while the likes of Danny Rose, Paulinho, and Etienne Capoue have impressed in their new roles.

Football comes home for Tottenham on Sunday. Swansea City visits, coming off a tough loss to Manchester United in the season opener that saw the Swans lose 4-1. It seems likely that summer signing Wilfried Bony will receive his first league start as Swansea tries to take it Spurs. However, the Swansea defense seems vulnerable ahead of the match, something that the Spurs’ attack could take advantage of.

As for the Prediction League, Kevin, Ashlock, and Ed kicked things off with perfect predictions. The rules remain the same in the Prediction League–one point for a correct prediction, a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here are the current standings:

Name Score
Kevin 2
Ashlock 2
Ed 2
Mechanick 1
Ryan 1
Skipjack 1
The Roosevelts 1
Petrilli 1
MCofA 1
The Sleeper’s Sleep 1
Lennon’s Eyebrow 1
Uncle Menno 0


This week’s predictions:

Kevin: Call me a sap, but I think there’s going to be something special about the fans singing for the new players in their first competitive home game. We’re going to look spectacular. 3-0 Spurs

Mechanick: Bony gets goal, but Roberto Soldado tears the Swansea defense asunder.Spurs 3-1

Ryan: Get in loser, we’re going shopping. 2-0 Spurs.

Ashlock: Swansea are going to make the mistake of actually trying to play football against us and are going to get trucked. A comfortable 2-0 win for Spurs.

The Roosevelts: TBD

Ed: Swansea are excellent on the ball and pleasing to the eye, but we win for some reason.1-0 Spurs.

Petrilli: The match is dropped in the 86th minute when word arrives that Roman Abramovich has been murdered by Florentino Perez. Chelsea go into administration. Spurs get Juan Mata and Bertrand for an old bacon sandwich. Spurs 2-1

Uncle Menno: Swansea’s got a good enough offense to make it interesting, but a bad enough defense to make it ultimately not matter. 2-1 Spurs.

MCofA: I’m really glad we’re playing at home, on the road this would be a 50/50. 2-1 Spurs.

The Sleeper’s Sleep: Swansea. They are from Wales. 2-0 Spurs.

Lennon’s Eyebrow: Both teams scored 5 goals on Thursday. Only one team can do it again. Nice to Michu. 5-0 Spurs.

Skipjack: Swansea are going to come at us and that is going to be a mistake. Look for our midfield to wreck some dudes. 3-1 Spurs.

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