Pakistani film Zinda Bhaag, after reaching the Long List of the Oscar awards, has added another feather in its cap by securing a wide release across the UAE on 16th January in all major Vox Cinemas.

Zinda Bhaag

has had a successful theatrical run in Pakistan and USA and we expect the film to be as popular in the UAE”, said producer Mazhar Zaidi on the eve of his departure to Dubai where he will join the film’s star, Naseeruddin Shah and supermodel Amna Ilyas for the film’s premier. “Naseer sahib has been a big supporter of independent cinema like Zinda Bhaag around the world and was extremely enthusiastic to bring the film to UAE audiences,”said Zaidi.
“When we started Zinda Bhaag we had hoped that the film would be theatrically released in UAE, so its another milestone achieved by the entire Zinda Bhaag team”, added Meenu and Farjad, the films directors in a joint statement. “We expect the response to be as big, if not bigger, than in Pakistan.”
“My cousin saw it at the Abu Dhabi festival and has not stopped talking about it since,” said Asma a Dubai resident, “I am going with all my South Asian friends to catch the first show.”
Zinda Bhaag will be released in the following cinemas in the UAE.
Vox Deira City Center Screen 5,Vox Ajman City Center Screen 4, Vox Marina Mall Screen 1, Vox mall of Emirates Screen 7, Vox Mirdiff City Center Screen 3, Vox Fujeirah City Center Screen 4, Vox Mercato Screen 5, Vox Al Hamra Mall  Screen 2. Cine Royal Delma, Al Mariah.

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