Mumbai Attack

Mumbai Attacks Investigation Status

On 26 of November 2008, India suffered from Mumbai Attacks, which were claimed to be India’s 9/11. 10 highly trained men entered Mumbai and for the next 66 hours, it was blood,... Read more »
Nawaz Sharif has Killed Many Birds With One Stone With His Statement

Nawaz Sharif has Killed Many Birds With One Stone With His Statement

Cyril Almeida was flown into Multan on a special plane arranged by the government of Pakistan to interview Nawaz Sharif. A private plane, ASF Of Multan was sent a letter in advance... Read more »

SMIT Program – Free Courses offered by Saylani Welfare

Saylani Welfare is offering a chance to learn for free. They are offering free courses as part of their SMIT Program. Anyone looking for a chance to learn should not give up... Read more »
12 Night Bloomers for your Moon Garden

12 Night Bloomers for your Moon Garden

What could be more pleasing than evening in your own garden which is surrounded by beautiful scent of night bloomers. If you are planning for a moon garden, you must include some... Read more »
The Truth about Karachi

The Truth about Karachi The Metropolitan City of Pakistan

I was born in Karachi and spent most of my life in this city. After the Partition in 1947 Karachi served as the Capital of Pakistan till 1957, now it is the Capital of Sindh, Province of Pakistan which... Read more »
Saima Jarwar

Justice for Saima Jarwar

SAIMA Jarwar, 9, the daughter of Naseem Jarwar in Larkana, was abducted and brutally killed by some unknown demons on April 24. In the absence of rigorous policies and laws, such inhumane... Read more »
Hi Speed Infinity 150 Review

Hi Speed Infinity 150 Complete Review Price and Specification

Hi Speed went one step further and launched their Hi Speed Infinity 150  cafe racer motorcycle. There has been no motorcycle in the cafe racer segment in Pakistan, before this one, limited... Read more »
United Autos Bravo

United Autos Bravo Expected Price and Specification

It looks like Pak Suzuki’s reign might be over and just maybe we could get a decent enough car in Pakistan for a change. United Autos is launching a new car United... Read more »
Tobacco Free

The Dangers of Flavoured Tobacco and Shisha

The Government of Pakistan imposed a complete ban on the commercial use of flavoured tobacco products “ to protect the health of the country’s youth apparently the ban exists but not being implemented... Read more »
INCPak urdu

INCPak Urdu site is live now

Independent News Coverage Pakistan received the requests regarding sharing information and news in Urdu hence we have introduced INCPak Urdu official site for our Urdu readers. Much needed for Pakistani visitors, INCPak... Read more »