How to Move All Files

How to Move All Files from Subfolders and Relocate Them to One Folder

Let’s say that you have a music collection that is filled with music that is arranged by folders of the specific artists/band in each. Sometimes programs don’t recognize Subfolders and requires you... Read more »
Hair Oil For Long and Strong Hair

Hair Oil For Long and Strong Hair

Who doesn’t like long and strong hair? We all go through hair trouble ones in our lifetime. No matter male or female, we all want healthy hair as healthy and strong hair... Read more »
how to make simple homemade lotions for soft and glowing skin

How to Make Simple Homemade Lotions For Soft and Glowing Skin

I am back again with one more skin care tip. The magic recipe I am sharing here today, you will be surprised how simple and easy it is. These lotions will resolve... Read more »
Android P

How to get the Android P Developer Preview – Android 9.0 Popsicle or Pancake?

Android P (Android 9.0) will be the next Android OS released from Google. Google to host the I/O Developer Conference 2018 somewhere between May 8 to 10. Google likely to reveal the first demo... Read more »
How to Download Two WhatsApp

How to use two WhatsApp on the same Android phone

These days dual sim phones are common and everyone wants to keep their work and personal numbers separate. People however, struggle with using two WhatsApp on their phone. The original app only... Read more »
Cloudflare DNS

How to Browse Fast and Secure With New Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare Inc. has introduced a new free public (DNS) service just like Google DNS with as its address. Cloudflare promises the service will be “the fastest public resolver on the planet while... Read more »
How to Unlock Zong 4G Wingle

How to Unlock Zong 4G Wingle [Easy Method] Tested !

Want to use some other networks data sim? looking for a method to unlock Zong 4G wingle device? you have reached the right place. There are several videos and posts on the... Read more »
reset windows 10

How to reset Windows 10 Administrative and Login Password?

With the surge of urbanization day by day, people are becoming more accustomed to password dependency and several other security measures which too deal with passwords and secret codes. And when it... Read more »
LG phone

How to Recover Deleted Files from LG phone

If you have taken a recent trip to your dream palace and took some extra-ordinary precious pictures on your LG phone then you will be quite glad to have those memories. Everyone... Read more »
Homemade Wifi Extender

Homemade Wifi Extender – DIY

It’s a Do it yourself Project simple and easy for those who want to extend the Wifi Range, Fahim Shaikh ( INCPak Admin) explains how to make a wifi extender at home.... Read more »