Green Line Train Service Exclusive Images

Green Line Train Service

We informed you about the Green Line Train Service in our article previously, so here we are sharing some exclusive photos of Green Line Train Service. We are Thankful of our visitors for their over welcoming response on Pakistan Railway’s Post, INCPak and P R Pakistan Railway Facebook Page team working together and bring you the updated information, latest Images ...

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PTA Hypocrisy? Youtube NO, Dailymotion Adult Videos Yes


PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ) has blocked most of the VPN services to access Youtube or other explicit websites, Chrome extension Zenmate which worked previously is no longer operational. However there are still some VPNs working on Android Smartphones. So PTA is being double standard when it comes to blocking the sites. Mobilink Network gives you full access to ...

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Questions must be answered over Pakistan’s involvement in Yemen


Few questions which must be answered over Pakistan’s proposed involvement in ‪Yemen‬. 1: Currently FATA, LOC, Indian border, Afghanistan border, Karachi, Siachen & Khuzdar are active fronts which have stretched Pakistan military’s capabilities, leading for them to make immense changes in conventional force posture. If the Parliament does approve the deployment of Pakistan Army into either Saudi Arabia or Yemen, ...

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Karachi Say No to Tinted Glasses


VIP Culture in Karachi, Tinted Glasses and Roaming around with Guards, has become a very usual case across the city, wealthy people can afford Vigos ( Pickup )  and bunch of guards untrained, handing them weapons and there you go Wala…. It’s not KARACHI its KSA and the 2nd Government officials causes disturbance something you might have heard known as VIP ...

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