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15 Most Amazing Feelings In The World

15 Most Amazing Feelings In The World ,

  • 1.Popping bubble wrap.
  • 2.  Laughing. Hard. Until it hurts.
  • 3. Succeeding after you’ve worked hard.
  • 4. Warm clothes from the dryer.
  • 5. Dancing in socks on a wooden floor.


  • 6. Putting your hand in beans. 
  • 7. Making a new friend.
  • 8. Feeling completely free.
  • 9. Dipping your fingers in wax.
  • 10. When someone plays with your hair.  


  • 11. A clean shave.
  • 12. The cold side of the pillow.
  • 13. Peeling glue off your fingers.
  • 14. Walking on the grass with bare feet.
  • 15. Putting chapstick on your dry lips.


What are your favorite feelings? Tell us in the comment section.

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