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21st December 2012 – Is it the end of the world – My Answer NO

We are hardly 72 hours away from Mayan’s Calender ending on which most of the Researchers scientists historians expects the Apocalypse the end of the world, However some has completely different views about 21st December 2012 , that nothing will happen on this date but slowly news catching speed even on the local media channels of Pakistan too who never do the home work but just copy paste at times translate and play it ON AIR, It’s all about business  since they have to sell the story.

Is it is really the end of the world on 21st December 2012? The answer is simply NO ! what I think my personal opinion is that thr whole story is hand-made since Media controls the masses and masses are the people who don’t bother to think beyond at all, some what the same in the year 2000 ( y2k ) bug was wide-spread all over the world that computers wont be able to recognize year 2000 but that was totally stupid, I remember that The only Flight on-board at 12 midnight year 2000 was PIA with the passengers rest all were grounded and after midnight Pakistan International Airline won the award for it. This time the story is different on one hand Mayan and on the other Pole Shift.


If any of you has seen the movie 21 – 12 – 2012 in which they shown that world is ending islands has dried smoke coming out of the earth core ( Crust ) temperature rising 100 times faster every day few days before it, which means by now we should have seen something as such seen in the movie but I don’t see that crap beside it I see Syrian conflict , Iranian Nuclear Ready, Israel and Recently in United States sad news about little angels ( Children shot dead ) by some psycho.

Alignment-of-univers-640x398You will find various sites which are blogging even selling the stuff about 21-12-12 for USA 12-21-12, on iCNN there was a report couple of weeks back that ” ASA Predicts Dark Skies on 23rd till 25th ” now this tells me that NASA has no issue with 21st so all those who been spreading rumors are just selling some non sense which is totally baseless. I have read and seen many documentaries related to this issues but none satisfied me because I did not see one person whom I can say Yes I trust his words even if Morgan Freeman said I would have been in a doubt, but this story is entirely baseless, let’s say even if the pole shifting is true, I cannot imagine it happening in 1 day or few hours if would started before we would have seen something for real.

Conspiracy threat to confuse masses this is what is being done all the time, by hiding the truth and spreading the lies, Media been gaining popularity chasing the dream of over taking Big Screen ” Hollywood ” don’t they realize they aren’t professional actors as Hollywood does. Well back to the point, Climate Change was very obvious thing and true people took it seriously when Al Gore spoke on this issue ( Global Warming ) but later USA been Top most contributor for carbon emission w


hile blaming developing countries and trying to impose ban on fossil fuel, infact actual threat is not fossil fuel but the Nuclear from which all developed countries are producing energy, recently again massive Earthquake and Tsunami has messed their 4 Nuclear Power plants which were already damaged by Tsunami since Japan has highest ratio of Qukes than again they are have Nuclear Plants which is very fragile.

As NASA says it’s going to be alignment which already above Giza Pyramids can be seen now I am not a scientist but after some 27000 years it has happened I am wondering didn’t they knew on which date they would align before time or shockingly found now, perhaps I am not buying is news heard enough and seen alot of lies ” Yawning   It’s gonna be Friday 21st or NASA’s 23rd Sunday? It wouldn’t be something natural, alignment must have happened before too and world survived and moved on, I can name many documentaries which are the best for the Devil Inside ( Brain ) to make him feel comfortable ” Yes ! it’s happening ” but it is just till the screen pal !

Anyways, Verdict : What I think be the best thing that US President Obama ensures people by addressing them about this confusion and if this issue is real, than not to Panic least 72 hours or 3 days before 21st December let’s see do we see the Super Power President Addressing Nations or not, but without any doubt after viewing all the documentaries and researching I just one to say one thing Mayan’s weren’t intelligent enough how can I say that because History says they weren’t that smart and no calendar is precise specially from dark age, for heaven sake don’t take it serious. Let’s see what NASA come up with about 23rd till 25th is it true or NASA’s another Hollywood attempt.

You Cannot sell the truth, people buy only the lies ~  Farhan Imaan