MQM supporters and workers are angry at Altaf Hussain’s latest speech and are leaving the party too. Some of them took a 180 degree turn after the current scenario in Karachi while others are trying to save the face of party  opposing Altaf Hussain or his speech.

The undeniable fact is, Altaf Hussain speech was directly against The State of Pakistan, It has nothing to do with the present government but the essence of it hits the founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

<Anonymous>   With immense grief in my heart and with tonnes of mental pressure I have decided to stop supporting MQM. The only reason which I cannot justify here is only this that what we have seen today is not the same as I cannot convince my heart and I cannot become part of MQM anymore. However, I have tried to do so but I failed to convince my heart for MQM because of the slogans chanted against my country and I came up with the conclusion that I will not become part of any activity held by MQM. I end up my journey of supporting MQM for the sake of my country for which i lost my grand father and my elder uncle during partition. My father lost my grand father and my elder uncle during partition so I cannot betray their sacrifice for one political organization.

I am really disheartened today and I want to tell that I am loyal to this country not to any political organization. I am not #gadar I am not #gadar I am not #gadar .I am sorry to all people in my contact who are still supporting MQM

My forefathers saw immense hardship and lost 10 of their family members during Pakistan Movement and migration. I was a member of MQM and supported them from the core of my heart. I worked on the Muhajir Sooba plans and used to convince my friends and family to support it. But no more. I have realized my mistakes. I can’t be a part of any party or any agenda of that party which is against Pakistan. This is the country my forefathers died for and I won’t let that go in vain. Pakistan Zindabad, Altaf Hussain Murdabad

Dear Sir, for your kind information, in the current condition of Karachi, please take care of using language against MQM and Urdu Speaking. in fact, Dr. Saghir in today’s evening shows claimed that whole of MQM members/karkuns which are certainly common people were not ready to place Pakistan flag on 14th August. Mr. Altaf Hussain might be of this kind of person opposing pakistan but in fact, MQM karkuns are common Urdu Speakers who can not be against Pakistan because we are descendants of Pakistan founders. Dr. Saghir came into emotions but by this way no one like MQM even without Altaf Hussain considering that MQM which is representative of Karachi people or Urdu speaking basically against Pakistan that is not true and never be true. Please consider words and effects before using language.

According to sources, Pakistan will provide a full transcript of the two speeches made on the 21st and 22nd. Only some parts of the speech were shared which relate to MQM Chief Altaf Hussain’s inciting and making controversial comments.

Both the FCO and Scotland Yard have confirmed to Geo news that Pakistani authorities at ‘various levels’ are in touch over the Altaf Hussain issue.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard said it was receiving numerous calls from the public and were currently “assessing the contents of a speech given by an individual associated with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement to ascertain if any crime have been committed under UK legislation”.

“Where evidence of criminal activity is found we will consult with the Crown Prosecution Service. The investigation into other speeches previously broadcast in Pakistan by this individual is ongoing,” said a London Police spokesperson.

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