The Bright side of Pakistan

Pakistan, officially known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in a country of South Asia. It has a population of about 200 million making it world sixth most populous country. There is wide bright side sadly hidden under the shadow of violence and terrorism. Pakistan is no less than any other country of the world. Unraveling the bright side of Pakistan, In the last few years, the literacy rate of Pakistan has increased by 250%. Pakistan is the first Islamic country to attain the nuclear power. Starting with zero at the time of independence, Pakistan has now 14 ordinance factories. Pakistan has the world 6th largest military force, that is renowned by the whole world. Pakistan is notable for having one the world’s best trained air force pilots. Pakistan’s Elite SSG Troops are at the top of world’s most formidable special units. Pakistan missile technology is best in the world.

Never forgetting to mention Sir Adbul Sattar Edhi (late), who ran the world’s largest ambulance service and through charity ambulance network, 20,000 babies have been saved. 50,000 orphans are housed in Edhi homes. 40,000 qualified nurses have been trained. 1 Million babies have been delivered in Edhi Maternity homes. The network comprises of 8 hospitals provided free medical care, eye hospitals, diabetic centers and much more.

IT sector is expanding exponentially in Pakistan, producing more than 10,000 IT graduates in a year. World’s youngest certified Microsoft experts Arfa Kareem and Babar Iqbal are from Pakistan. In the realm of freelancing, Pakistan has world’s 3rd biggest freelance workforce. According to MIT review Pakistani freelancers work more than 34 hours/week. The selling points of Pakistani freelancers is their quality of work being competitive with top freelancing countries with the bonus of cheap digital labor.  Pakistan has the fourth largest broadband internet system in the world.

According to poll results from 125 countries in the world by the Institute of European Business Administration, Pakistanis are the fourth-most intelligent people of the world. The world’s seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers is from Pakistan. Pakistani doctors are renowned by the whole wide world. A Pakistani surgeon broke the US surgeon’s Guinness World Record. The Cambridge exams of both A and O levels have been topped by Pakistani students and this record is yet to be broken

World’s largest earth-filled dam and second largest dam by structural volume is the ‘Tarbela dam’ on the Indus river in Pakistan. Out of the total land area in Pakistan. Karakoram Highway running through Xingjiang, often described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. It is a marvel of civil engineering because it took 15 years to complete by the Pakistan Army Engineer in collaboration with China. Labeled as “World’s Highest Paved International Road” under the most extreme and world’s toughest terrain.

Pakistan is also known for its international quality sports equipment, especially the one’s made in Sialkot. Around 50% of the world’s footballs are supplied by Pakistan. In the year 2014, around 60 million football were produced out of which 40 million were supplied for the Fifa World Cup Brazil.

Gwadar port situated in Balochistan, on the shores of Arabian Sea, has been classified by specialists as the world’s biggest warm water remote ocean port. Its area is in limelight because of the fact that the region encompassing it, has world’s two-third oil. The port is ready to give China, Afghanistan, and in addition, the landlocked and mineral rich nations of focal asia the least demanding and least expensive access to the Arabian ocean. The port is just 533 km far from the city of Karachi which is the financial capital of Pakistan.

The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor is a monetary passageway containing a gathering of activities as of now under development at a cost of $51 billion.CPEC expects to encourage exchange along an overland course that interfaces Kashgar and Gwadar, through the development of a system of parkways, railroads, and pipelines.The hall is proposed to quickly extend and update Pakistani foundation, and extend and expand financial connections amongst Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China.

Pakistan boasts world’s largest irrigation network. The advancement of this water system framework is one of the significant accomplishment of Pakistani specialist engineers. This irrigitaion gives gives water to 90% of the rural land in Pakistan which adds up to a territory of 14.4 million hectares. This water system framework comprises of three noteworthy repositories: Tarbela dam and Chashma dam are based on stream Indus while Mangla Dam is based on River Jhelum. The framework is made out of various floods, headworks and channels. The aggregate length of all trenches serving the rural land surpasses 58,500 km.

When it comes to natural beauty, Pakistan surpasses most the world’s countries. Islamabad is declared as the world’s 2nd most beautiful capital. Pakistan is the one of the top places for tourists. Being rich with gifted nature’s beauty having lush green valleys, beautiful sky-scraping mountains, rivers and beautiful valleys. The places like Swat, Naran, Kaghan, Kashmir, Ziarat, Skardu, Fairy Meadows, etc are appraised among the finest touring spots of the world. Baltoro Glacier, spanning around 63 kilometers as one of the largest glacier. World’s second biggest mountain K-2 is in Pakistan Some of the world largest glaciers can be found in the northern regions of Pakistan. Khewra Salt Mine is world’s second biggest salt mine in the world and one of the oldest salt mines in the history of subcontinent. Pakistan has biggest and oldest man-made forest known as “Changa Manga”.

Pakistan is blessed with all the four seasons. Pakistan produces mangoes of high quality of more than 70 kinds and are exported worldwide. The fruit is loved for its unique taste and is second to none when it comes to quality and taste. Pakistan textile is known for its magnificent quality in the whole world. The leather exports of Pakistan are very high and loved worldwide.

When it comes to crime rates, Pakistan is not in top 25 countries with highest crime rates. Pakistan is not what is shown in the TV screens, rather there’s too good much to it.

By Aqib Ahmed 

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