Commenting pro Kashmir is against Facebook community standards 

Social media giant Facebook has become pro Randian, yes you heard me correct Randian (Randi) “Whore”  blocking people for commenting in favor freedom of Kashmir.

  I recently posted something which Fuckbook didn’t digested and blocked my account. My ID was blocked by Facebook for commenting in favor of Kashmiris in which I shared my views on NDTV page

 “For you they are terrorists, for us they are heros freedom fighters it won’t end until Kashmir is freed from Indian occupation” and after 20 minutes Facebook automatically logged me out now when I signed in again received community standard warning and blocked for 3 days can not post can not use messenger. 

Meanwhile ISIS uploads videos on YouTube and Facebook from anonymous accounts monetized, Terrorists are allowed to do anything but Facebook user cannot express his views that’s really frustrating how Facebook is playing pro indian biased community standard shit. .

Everyone has the right to express his/her views online least they cannot block me on this platform, however pro indian Facebook shows the double standard policies for innocent Kashmiris. 

Purpose of my comment might not be In favor of millions but least it was the truth which they cannot bare, possibility is someone reported immediately shame on you facebook for being biased. 
Fuck you Mark Zingerburger ! 

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