CPEC Wikipedia page Yahoodi Saazish

People usually rely on Wikipedia to give references for the authenticity since Wikipedia is the vault of information about everything, searching CPEC  “China Pakistan Econimic Corridor” founder’s information Wikipedia says something which we weren’t expecting.

Wikipedia is an open source anyone can edit the information but someone needs to keep an eye on it before it turns into Yahoodi Saazish (pun intended).

If you search  CPEC wikipedia on google the result will appear just exact as shown below, which says Founder : Imran Khan 

CPEC Wikipedia We know for a fact that PTI fellas wants him to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan which is reasonable demand but how and since when Imran khan became the founder of CPEC, only God knows !

Recently another shocking discovery was the english name of CM Shehbaz Sharif.

Strange thing is when you click on the page for more information, you will not find Founder’s name anywhere meanwhile when rest of the world is searching for CPEC finds Imran Khan.


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