Election 2013 , PML-N Bad Idea !

Pakistan’s General Election 2013 I am not concerned what International survey reports says but the ground realities, PTI losing the grip and PML ( Nawaz ) Gaining that’s how International surveys see the scenario here my point is, lets assume PML (Nawaz ) wins the election with 2/3rd majority from all over Pakistan.

These Election 2013 are highly unlikely Pakistan’s Destiny deciders, shouldn’t be taken softly as before this time youth is the frontier while PML(N) has the Old Team.

PML(N) MNS would ever be able to adjust with MQM, Karachi is constantly bleeding there hasn’t been much of the development as compared to Islamabad , Rawalpindi and Lahore This metropolitan City been targeted daily and only the body counts tells how the day passed here.

Yet I am not concerned about National Assembly and the Dog Fight there but the Province Sindh specially, currently PPP has again sparked the fire of New Province, where as MQM also supports this cause, South Punjab issue.

If in such situation PML(N) makes the government, after the elections everyone knows they don’t have good relation with MQM the ruling party in the Urban Sindh since last 10 years specially, that’s not gonna be good from anywhere specially when it comes to Karachi Killings.

If the PML(N) wins and makes the government in Sindh how it would be? Mix plate, on one side I can see MQM has its vote bank and PPP does also, PML(F) made a strong hold in rural areas and PML(Q) also exists meanwhile we are talking about PML(N) to be the King of the Ring?

Pretty confusing situation for me even to think already Karachi is being ignored none is taking this issue of daily death toll to wipe it off from the surface which started way back in 2007 Land grabbing mafia and Kaati Pahari, the Extension of the Karachi on Hawks Bay side scheme 36, now that all went to dust, but this Ignored city is gonna be treated like an orphan being the financial hub of the Pakistan.

Who ever became the Chief Minister, surely would have tough time to adjust with MQM specially when Governor will be gone as well, both slots are very important and yet uptill now both has failed big time. My concern is with the blood of the innocent citizens of Karachi. would there be an operation like before ” Operation Clean up ”  now this time Operation Anti Virus ?

Or coalition gonna play the major role, Indeed I don’t see PTI’s hold in Sindh personally, meanwhile PML(Q) and (N) are the flip side of the same coin, Strange  thing which I have Noticed that Mr.Nawaz Sharif hasn’t changed a single person who were involved to crash his government twice before and specially when US Forces leaving Afghanistan, Chief Justice Retires , Chief Of Army Retires immense pressure from Indian and Afghanistan’s Border, Iran is on ticking clock any time Israel gonna start-up War. How Pakistan going to face external issues meanwhile Internally needs strong unity.

well I must say I never cared about international surveys but if this is how things happen than I have no doubt that Balochistan issue may get much creepy and Indian takes advantage of it, My personal opinion as a citizen of Pakistan, BAD IDEA !!

Farhan Imaan F.Abro


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