Government needs Technical assistance – Skype , Viber, Whatsapp can be accessed via VPN

The Sindh government has decided to ban instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Tango and Viber for three months.

But I think they are unaware of VPN apps like Hotspot shield and many others, It would be same only the ordinary common man going face the difficulty in communicating, where as Naamaaaloom afraad ( Unidentified ) People will easy switch on any VPN on PC or Smartphones and access these apps just like never been banned in Sindh.

That is what happening with Youtube in Pakistan, which is forcefully banned by the Government for no good reason now almost since 13 months, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority thinks Pakistani people aren’t accessing while Media channels are the frontiers who been uploading videos daily ” which is illegal ” without any hesitation, so this is what we’re going to witness in Skype , Viber , Whatsapp (VoIP) applications / Softwares.


Once anyone switch on VPN – That PC / Smartphones gets anonymous IP least 1000 miles off from Pakistan, than just log on to and enjoy like rest of the world, not only that all the sites which are banned by PTA are accessible with VPN – This time it’s not gonna be different at all.

Government must learn to tackle terrorism by letting all the technology in flow instead of, banning and blocking them for the people.

Indeed we have witnessed that present government been able to handle law and order situation, Police and Rangers carrying raids across the city and each time they don’t surprise its just for the first time they are doing their job faithfully, nothing is new for the people of Karachi.

Technical assistance is needed to the government concerning how to tackle terrorists using these technology – that would be wiser instead of blocking these apps and letting terrorist use easily by switching on VPN.

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