INCPak’s Official Statement on #BytesRs9Sale

INCPak has emerged as one the trusted name on the web from Pakistan and last month we introduced Flash Sale deals for our INCPak Forum members and website visitors – Right after when’s Tech Mela ended disappointing, CEO Mr.Muhammad Khanani contacted INCPak Team after which we offered QMobile Titan X700i alone with EP Choclate power bank in just Rs.9999/- and Bytes Overload Earphones offer.

Last night Mega Sale #BytesRs9Sale started at 9pm and right after a minute phones were gone also several members on INCPak Forum reported that coupons are not working, personally I checked and the problem was geniune, In such havoc mass traffic it appears that E-commerce software running at the back-end wasn’t efficient enough to handle or somebody messed it up from back-end,

Most of the people were waiting for the phones offer in Rs.9 they were disappointed, INCPak was Official Media partner in this Mega Sale offer but something happened in the way to heaven.

Right after members reported on INCPak forum, I Immediately contacted CEO Mr.Khannani and informed him about the issue, within 10 minutes he renewed 500 coupons items which weren’t designated at first place than again many ended up disappointed and abusing

#BytesRs9Sale wasn’t fake nor cheating to gain traffic but the strategy behind it was simple to bring people closer to Online Shopping experience, INCPak and had couple of meetings face to face in which we discussed several issues regarding online shopping and we are working on various projects to spread more awareness, In between this timeline also reached INCPak and talks are underway.

Criticisms are always welcome here but before doing that know INCPak’s stance well.

We know that our members are disappointed and they are mad but INCPak will it’s best to bring more deals like we did earlier in October 2015, The beauty of INCPak is not that we offer Tech Reviews and Youtube Crash Course or the news but we are constantly interacting with your  loyal members since 3 year we are the only Tech Team from Pakistan which has sort out issues without any official help, Irony QMobile , Rivo , Voice , Samsung , Nokia  they don’t sponsor they are focusing on sales and marking meanwhile we been fixing the issues, with over 10 thousand members on Facebook Group within a year without any marketing shows that INCPak has good reputation and our ideology which is pure Pakistani, we are committed to do more to Empower Youth.

Our viewership is all because of our committed team is doing what’s best for our members and hopefully we’ll achieve our goals, To spread awareness, Uniting Youth, Educating them, bringing them more closer, We are not just about Tech but we are using Technology to Unite Pakistan.

You know what makes us stronger, It’s our unity the more we gather together we can bring these offers closer and at much reasonable price, deal is simple INCPak has emerged as trusted name on the Pakistani web  but by being disappointed and abusing and insulting or doesn’t make sense,

We expect INCPakians to restrain calm and keep supporting INCPak, Such deals sales offers will be there in future again as they say If you don’t make mistake you aren’t trying #BytesRs9Sale , we must appreciate’s efforts, although Customer Service and Bytes team needs to be reevaluate otherwise Mr.Khanani won’t be able to run the show for long his team is incompetent.

Long Live Pakistan.

Farhan Imaan.

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