Islamabad: Inhuman act of brutality by CDA for Airshow in F-9 Park

I and my friend went to F-9 park for some bird photography, and we observed CDA employees working with machinery to cut the grass on a mass level. We also observed that birds are rare to observe. When we asked one of them, he told us that CDA has shot down lots of big birds and destroyed their Nests, eggs and killed their Chicks. They had appointed a shooter for this purpose. This brutal and inhumane act was done on the order of some CDA director (may be from Environment).

We understand that big birds are dangerous to air planes. That air show would be for hardly some hours and for that they have killed lots of birds and destroyed their nests and killed their chicks and nests. This is a brutal and inhumane act by CDA. And we know that this was done on the order of Pak Air Force. Instead of destroying the environment and killing innocent creatures on mass like that just for some hours of entertainment, it would be much better to take this show to some other place like Parade Ground behind Shakarparian, where environment and innocent creatures may not get hurt. Afterall, this is not Airforce or Airplane zone.

Farrukh Waheed – Facebook

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