Private Schools are charging extra fee in the name of security. Where as its the sole responsibility of the Scholl administration to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for the kids, but they have taken this security as an opportunity to make extra money.
A school in F-10/2 (Roots Millennium School Wahid Campus) have charged Rs.1190/- per child in the current fee vouchers issued for the fee of March 2015. Upon inquiring the reason to increase the fee they claimed that they have the authorization from the administration. (Previously they were charging Rs.250/-per month)
(Copy of fee voucher is attached for the ready reference).
Where through the press statement on Jan 21 2015,
The Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) on Wednesday barred all the private educational institutes from charging extra fees from students in the name of security charges.
and also…
The Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (Peira) had warned that schools and colleges that failure to comply with the directives would result in penalties.
But by having these fee vouchers issued by the private schools, it is clearly evident that NO ONE READY TO OBEY the rule of law.
Would Mr. Usman Ibrarim or his department  take any action against these excessive charges in the name of security fee.
OR Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD)would take any action against these private schools.
chairman of Duniya Tv/ News paper owned schools chain “Allied” in Lahore also charged play group class 2200 rupees in the name of security
Are these schools deploying missiles or super commandos- why are the minting money.

It’s the job of the state to provide security- it has failed miserably. While the schools have failed to provide proper education – the state has failed to provide security. Both are making money by robbing the people. Education was privatized long ago now we need to privatize defense and security. I think this will reduce the burden on the common man. You all are welcome to disagree. says Shahzad Babar

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