Justice for Saima Jarwar

SAIMA Jarwar, 9, the daughter of Naseem Jarwar in Larkana, was abducted and brutally killed by some unknown demons on April 24. In the absence of rigorous policies and laws, such inhumane incidents are increasing unchecked.

 Saima Jarwar
Saima Jarwar

Even after a week of this murder the police could make no progress. Even the electronic and print media didn’t report this horrifying incident.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has ordered the home minister of Sindh to begin a quick and transparent investigation, after strong criticism from civil society.

Saima was not just the daughter of Naseem Jarwar, she was ours also. We all have Saimas and Zainabs in our homes and we have to raise our voice against the killing of little innocent children.

The Sindh government and the High Court are requested to take prompt action to arrest the offender and give the criminal (s) justice.

Mohan Lal Togani

Tando Allahyar

Published in Dawn, May 2nd, 2018

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