Karachi Beach incident Research Report by Zahid Thebo

I have researched today on Karachi Beach incident, Here I have found something interesting, the reason behind the whole incident is our negligence and lack of information.

Guys check it here I have found some thing interesting!

Read below to find out hidden dangers near the beaches.

As you can see in picture the depth of the water changes how much light is reflected from the sea bottom below. For shallow water, such as near a beach, the light reflected from the sand below the water will make the water look lighter (thus green) than it will look if you are in deep water (where little or no light is reflected from the bottom, resulting in dark blue water).

Google earth clearly shows those killer areas around sea view point near Dolmen mall..

Authorities should seal immediately those killer spots at Karachi sea view!!!!

Karachi Beach incident

Karachi Beach incident

What is Sink holes?

According study, sand may be responsible for more beachside deaths than shark attacks. People underestimate how fast sand from sink holes can engulf a person and cause suffocation.

What is Rip Current?

Commonly referred to simply as a rip, or by the misnomer “rip tide”, is one specific kind of water current that can be found near beaches. It is a strong, localized, and rather narrow current of water that is near the surface of the water, and which moves directly away from the shore, cutting through the lines of breaking waves. Rip currents can occur at any beach where there are breaking waves: on oceans, seas, and large lakes. The location of rip currents can be unpredictable: some tend to reoccur always in the same place, whereas others can appear and disappear suddenly at various locations near the beach.

Study said rips often occur at groins, jetties and piers, now move on and see on the left side in the pic!!!!! so the key motive of this research is to educate our people, plz stay at least 100 feet away from these structures in the water to avoid these deadly currents and other hazards.

Karachi Beach incident  Research by  : Zahid Thebo

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