VIP Culture in Karachi, Tinted Glasses and Roaming around with Guards, has become a very usual case across the city, wealthy people can afford Vigos ( Pickup )  and bunch of guards untrained, handing them weapons and there you go Wala…. It’s not KARACHI its KSA and the 2nd Government officials causes disturbance something you might have heard known as VIP Movement, Blocking the roads, causes disturbance to Ordinary citizens, Karachi possess as some dynasty kingdom not a metropolitan city. Karachi

last weekend, Sindh Police ( SP South Zone Karachi ) along with policemen took a great initiative, removing the tinted glass papers from vehicles. Talking to the policemen present on the scene, They told INCPak ” No Government, GS – GP or any vehicle is allowed, not even News Channels nor Private ones ” That was the moment which bought a huge big smile on my face 🙂

Video Footage of the event

Finally something is being done positive to bring Karachi back to normal, Karachi Operation continues on one hand and on the other, along with Rangers, Sindh Police is all pumped up to clean the mess from the city.



Watch The Video  Footage  


Clifton and Defence both areas are well known for VIP Culture, home of PPP Chairman and PTI constituency NA-250 covers it up, Location Seaview where majority of the people gather from across the city specially on weekend and that’s when Sindh police responded positively.

Almost every 5th vehicle was stopped and Tinted Glasses were removed without knowing who they are, Eye witness of the scene, even the Private vehicle of the Army Personal, Tinted Glass paper were removed.

Black Flim or Tints, Something which Pakistani administration has learn’t from Indian Authorities. Sindh Police must issue the notification in daily newspapers like Delhi Police in India.


Earlier Sindh Police conducted something beyond expectation on Shahrah-e-Faisal, The main road which connects National Highway, Jinnah International Airport with rest of the city. Sindh Police not only removed the Tints but also checked the weapons licence from VIP’s along with guards .

If you have Tinted Glasses, Kindly remove them or get the Permit from the authorities, to avoid such situation, where you find yourself hopeless calling people around and Sindh Police removing tints from your Dynastical Ride.

I have no idea why people cannot live with equality in this city, we should obey law and cooperate with the authorities because Karachi is being white washed from the blood stain.

Thanks to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Gen Raheel Shareef and Sindh Police for this great initiative to clean the mess from Karachi.

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