I am a mahajir And i support IMRAN KHAN

PTI Supporter Shariq at Karachi Jalsa 21st september 2012  got something to say   34 years in age for the first time in my life I voted for change.  I could see that PTI had won when I saw people from all walks of life waiting in line at the polling booths. As the results from my city came in i could feel myself drowning my future diminishing.

I let down multiple opportunities to go abroad feeling that if I give up on my leader now i will never be able look into my kids eyes and tell him that I stood up for his future his country and mine.

Here I am against all odds fighting for my freedom and yours.  Are you going to sit in the comforts of you homes or are you going to stand up against the injustice?  It’s time you decide before its too late…  – Says Shariq Jaffrey

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf  Jalsa In Karachi  on 21st September 2014









These Images shared by him, INCPak encourages everyone to contribute and speak up your point of view, It’s not about being biased at all, for most of the time we get the feedback that we are tilted toward PTI, Perphaps our goal is to bring you the truth and uptill now we’ve been exposing and have given a chance to all our visitors , members to be contributors and we’ll continue to do so in the future as well.

Post by Shariq Jaffrey with special Thanks 🙂 

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