Pakistan is developing Country or the dead !

Look at the public transport in metropolitan city of Karachi? Compare Pakistan and specially Karachi before partition with present it was million times better, independence and freedom has raped the city.

CNG Cylinders fixed on roof top of these miserable buses  educated class daily gets on these buses to reach their work and get back home, instead of improvement they are going backward while government is busy spending millions on new Graveyards ! the resting place but nothing is for free pay for the grave as well.

Karachi generates billions of revenue and the people who make it happened use these sort of public transport, Shame on Government and Administrator of Karachi for throwing dust in the eyes of the people looting with both hands and legs as well and this  year 2013 and these public transport known as Etihad Transport is complete mess, Government cannot provide 5000 buses to the public and calls itself, representing the nation? are we really that poor, back in 2007  Major of Karachi and Governor Sindh started Green Buses no knowing the shortage of CNG estimated 50 buses joined the fleet but there hasn’t been any progress.

do we need to give charity when already each one getting on these buses is giving Rs. 60 daily paying for what? no seat no safety no proper clean space !

Policeman will surely stops pulls you over if the lights / indicators are not working and hand you over with Challan or bribe would do just fine but these buses don’t have any mechanism of back lights they are just there to show once they existed but police fella wouldn’t bother to pull them aside and challan them.

This is how we look in 2013, progressive nation with the word CHANGE ! Yes If I compare Karachi with Lahore I see the difference of Hell and heaven no doubt, least the Chief Minister of Punjab is doing all the efforts here we don’t even know Does the chief minister of Sindh exists or not. who would take the responsibility of such public transport, throw the dust in public’s eyes.

Height of Shame, Government people are given 10s of vehicles for protocols and same public which pays for their salary and luxury lives in slams and forced to live like this.  Don’t they have any fear of the death I am sure not !

God have mercy …

Democracy is best revenge no doubt ..

Decide yourself

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