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Pakistan : United we stand, Divided we fall

Pakistan : Over 180 Million people call it home, where politics plays the major role as well as the Media, The only country in the whole wide world with 75% under the age of 30 but Youth has no proper guidance even when it comes to religion. Politically messed and misgoverned badly over and over again.

This is my Motherland, I the son of this soil It is filled with treasures of natural resources Pakistan has everything from the sandy deserts till Snowing mountains It only lacks from the Unity of the people. The only time I remember when I see each and every Pakistani together is when there’s a cricket match going on, Entire City even huge as ( Karachi ) which has population around 20 million feels like HOME, beside it nobody wants to come here. Simply Enter at your own Risk !

What I been trying to do by forming Independent News Coverage Pakistan, I am uniting the Youth spreading awareness and creating the sense of humanity, It may take long but It is not impossible at all, for all the time I have contacted spoken, helped, shared, contributed, I have always got the positive response by the people here, from different corners they are all amazing loving and caring but I don’t what has gone wrong ” Islamic Republic of Pakistan ” out of 10,000 I think 1 fears Allah in real, rest all pretend, people lie like there is no hereafter and have no fear of grave punishment why?

Can’t we live with Unity under one Flag? when we are the followers of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) , Holy Quran and Almighty Allah than what’s the difference? Does it make a difference which language  I Speak? I am not stepping back ever when it comes to defend my Faith and My Identity. I have no hatred for none and I should be a good human to serve humanity, I shouldn’t forget where I have to return. If we all unite together, you cannot imagine the power of UNITY ! Trust me.  This is my message to The Youth don’t ignore the facts everyone makes mistakes so do we, but there is a time to admit and correct them, guide others and share, spread love not hate.

I was very sad and hurt when this time Floods came and none bothered to help people as compared to 2005 and 2010 when entire Nation stood together, when there is a talk about Humanity , Helping someone, hardly anyone replies and when about the Shahrukh Khan’s movie or Katrina’s Item Song Seriously I feel see the death of humanity, Devil Dancing all this is good till some extend but if you exceed we are no where close to Allah. Pakistan needs you and me more as much as we need Pakistan, Next time please do not ignore learn to share, to help others let’s make our country better and stronger. I don’t want to give any country’s example, I am sure if you can read this you know the world maybe better than I do, I believe when it is about brotherhood and unity  1 + 1 = 11 not 2 Nothing gonna stay forever neither me nor you let’s do something that world remember us even after we turn into the dust.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall

May Allah Bless you all.

Farhan Imaan F.Abro