Election Commission of Pakistan has purposed 9 May 2013 for the general elections and after a week ( 7 Days ) This governments term will get over. The caretaker interim Government will announce budget as well since its always in the month of June.

Current situation across country is way worse than ever before no matter which angle you choose to see Economical / Development / insurgency terrorism / debts / etc.. all messed up. I personally don’t think General Elections will be called on time because conditions are not suitable for hand over to any new government which will be formed.

Karachi Killings has become routine thing on which many times heard about The Grand operation in January Chief of Army Staff visited.Karachi and gave the statement ” There is no need of Army Operation ” meanwhile after Abbas Town tragedy people demanded Operation, which is happening under cover !

Pakistan needs hard reset without it moving on is like dragging the dead body, people seek for easy way out of the issues but unfortunately there aren’t any options sooner or later Quetta  , Karachi and Peshawar will require Army’s assistance. Call it uncertain destiny but peace without demolishing the evil spreaded in the veins of Pakistan wouldn’t be long-term solution.

Cure is only awareness and Unity among the people, who doesn’t know Pakistan’s weakness is Sectarian issue because all though it is Islamic state but divided by the different sects among which recently Shias been the victim.

ECP has to ensure that caretaker government should stick for long which seems like it would as after  a week tenure will get over. Eliminate insurgency resolve the major issues as terrorism are going to be the toughest task for any government in future.

2013 and 2014 are very critical years for Pakistan now lets see all gets on time or gets delayed because here everyday is for something new, until and unless Karachi killings issue doesn’t get resolved it would make no difference what so ever because pakistan has no other option beside Karachi to move ahead economically down state needs to ensure that peace established back in the mini Pakistan else caretakers going to be around till the dust settles.

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