In the recent years, we’ve seen massive accomplishments and achievements towards getting and having “Freedom and Rights of Pakistani Women”. Governments have also taken serious interest in making laws for the independence and Freedom of Pakistani women,. such as “Women’s Protection Bill” during the Musharraf’s government, is among one of the main examples. In February 2012, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement held the world’s largest women’s political rally in Karachi, with an estimated 100,000 women in attendance.

Although, These rights implementation couldn’t been done as vivid as it could have been. There are still many regions in Pakistan where women don’t even know a single thing about their Rights or having Freedom. Their thoughts, views, lifestyle and opinions are ready made. Living by the Rule of their men. Around 90% of the Pakistani households are headed by men and most female-headed households belong to the poor strata of the society. These massive steps for women’s freedom have empowered the Pakistani Women and these rights provided them wings they needed to fly to be heard and listened not just in Pakistan but also around the globe.

Many people believe in Urban areas women have Freedom and Rights. At some points, they do have but It is not as true as we believe in it to be. What really is like being a woman in Pakistan in general? Forget for a moment about being in a Rural or Urban retreat. First, As a girl, A girl has to live up to your parents and society’s expectations, get education. Keep living for her parents, siblings and society. Then; When she becomes a woman she needs to get married because if she won’t – everyone in the community would talk about it. After leaving parents house, she learns to live for the fulfillment of expectations of her husband and her in laws. Then, After some years, She has to live for her kids, struggles to provide her children the best of world she possibly can. Then, Many years after, getting old, becoming grandma and waiting for the death.

In 2005, 16% of Pakistani women were "economically active"
In 2005, 16% of Pakistani women were “economically active”

During all this process from being baby girl to a grandma, where does she actually be able to live her OWN life in her ways? It is sad to see it happening in our society. It is everywhere, we aren’t aware of it. Pakistani women has to live for themselves as well. They always live for others. No one asks them how it is like to be them?! Once you’ll get the answer you’ll know it is like. On the other hand Pakistani men always live their own lives on their own terms and conditions. We have to create awareness among women so this male dominated society can be converted into a society of equality for both Women and Men, regardless of their faiths, race, ethnic groups.

I’m writing on behalf of many of female my friends and cousins who are suffering through this situation. I hope it encourages some Pakistani women so they can live for themselves too, even if it is just for a while.

Comments and opinions are always welcome.

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