Protected: Karachi – where everyone kills in the name of someone …

Karachi is the largest city, main seaport and financial hub of Pakistan. Once known as city of lights is looks more like a city of terror. The largest city of Pakistan has a population of over 21 million and the great democratic party of Pakistan has ensured that city never see the face of peace.

The city which is a hub to militant wings of Political parties sometimes can be painted in sectarian colour as well. This city is very interesting charity is demanded from people by force the charity collector terms it “Chanda” and the paying party calls it “Bhatta”.

The recent target killings in Karachi are competing with Suicide bombing from Religious fanatics and Drone Attacks. The figure for the first 6 months of 2012, according to HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), is 1,257 dead.

Most commonly the city is on fire between two ethnics MQM (claiming to be Urdu Speaking representative) and ANP (claiming to be Pashtuns representative). When one of them gets stronger than other the main democrats of PPP (which usually represent Sindhi) gets active and hence the war continues. I can’t say anything about the past but recently PMLN (A Punjabi representatives) have entered through their religious fanatic militant group i.e., LEJ or SSP.

According to the Interior Minister Rehman Malik (Weapon of Communication destruction) Talibans have entered Karachi which claim should be rubbished as LEJ (PMLN militant wing) has entered the power hub of Pakistan to take on the other gangs of Karachi in response ruling democrats of PPP are supporting SEM. Hence the blood bath in city continues.

The interesting thing is Karachi has a literacy rate of over 65% but the political and inter faith tolerance has vanished from the most educated city of Sindh. The tolerance in the city is of that level anyone dares to say a word against any party leader, will be sentenced to death by militant wings of the opposing party. Tourist to that city are usually warned to be very careful with name Altaf Hussain as anything against him can bring angel of death visit.

It’s really heart breaking to see city of Quaid ( Muhammad Ali Jinnah )  once the strength of Pakistan turned in to a crippling city where the militant wings of democrats shed blood in the name of their party leaders. Pakistan is going back to the Stone Age thanks to political and religious fanatics who can kill and set everything on fire. One shouldn’t be surprised why a country with massive coal and gas reserves struggles with energy supply, when their educated youth is brain washed to kill each other for petty differences.

 INCPak Team .

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