PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ) has blocked most of the VPN services to access Youtube or other explicit websites, Chrome extension Zenmate which worked previously is no longer operational. However there are still some VPNs working on Android Smartphones. So PTA is being double standard when it comes to blocking the sites.

Mobilink Network gives you full access to Youtube without worrying about PTA’s restriction, you don’t need to Install any VPN to access via Mobilink 3G Connectivity, simply just click on Youtube app and walla it’s working smoothly. Infact you get 500MB of free Dailymotion by Mobilink

PTA seems worried about Youtube, Porn sites and Anti Islamic sites exists on the web, not to be accessed within Pakistani Cyber Space. However one of the explicit   Adult  Video Content website ” Dailymotion ” is widely accessible.

Youtube don’t have 18+ Adult Pornography content, If even somebody uploads, videos get blocked in many countries or completely blocked, Perhaps Dailymotion is filled Adult videos. Just a Tick away you can access the vault of sexual content and nudity but PTA doesn’t seems to be bothered about it at all.

dm2I don’t think anyone in Pakistan who is accessing internet does not know about  How to access Dailymotion Adult content but ironically none has ever reported to PTA about it.

On Dailymotion you can easily enable Adult search by setting ( AGE GATE ) Tick mark.  Here I would like to share couple of screenshots of Mujra dances purely made in Pakistan are uploaded on Dailymotion,

PTA hypocrisy ?

Youtube is more informative and millions of tutorial videos are there, Pakistani Bloggers upload on daily basis as well the students access the website for the sake of information. while Dailymotion has something similar as Youtube known as Dailymotion Publisher, through which video uploader earns.

dm1You don’t need to sign in to view Adult Videos on Dailymotion which means there’s no catch, if you clear up the history cache. Dailymotion should be banned instead of Youtube if they really care about pornographic sexual video content.

Already Indian and Pakistani item songs has filled the video vault in which not only children enjoys shaking butts but even adults watch, for this content you don’t need to Tick or Untick anything it’s available and Pakistan is Liberal country even our movies got item songs which are no different than Mujras which one people used to go and watch live at Heera Mundi now they are everywhere on the net, Plus point is you can pause, rewind and Download.

Share your views about Dailymotion, If you care about the next generations? Why Shouldn’t PTA Ban Dailymotion like it did Youtube?

Our Media Channels are just not showing Topless but the moves and the clothing that’s pretty shameful can be viewed on the tv in every house these days.


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