PTI vs PMLN – Azadi March August 14th 2014

Azadi March  August 14th 2014 – Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan’s stance was very clear since last 14 months, for this Azadi March on 14th August 2014. Not just His Party ( PTI ) but even the Governing Ruling Party in Federal and Punjab Province of Pakistan  ( Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ) PML-N said our mandate was stolen in the Province of Sindh due to massive rigging.

Pakistan Peoples Party also made the same claim about the election rigging in Punjab and so on several other parties did about  General Elections 2013.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s demand were absolutely correct that,  Audit ( Recounting ) of 4 Constituencies should be done to bring the truth in front the public about the General Elections 2013, But PML-N led government did not paid attention, not only the Government but PTI knocked each and every door under democratic radius to get this done but they did not get the justice from anywhere.

In the past  PTI Chairman Imran Khan several time said that, If we will not get the justice, we’ll protest on the streets of Islamabad and entire country against massive rigging but Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not took it seriously until,  Imran Khan announced Azadi March, which eventually turned into now or never situation for PTI.

PTI Chairman announced  August 14th 2014 for Azadi March several months back and been preparing evidences against who helped rigging and how this Government came into form, The helpers and planners.

Before August 2014, PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s demand was only Audit ( Recounting ) of 4 constituencies, which has turned into, Ignorance has turned Imran Khan to take aggressive way ” Azadi March ” which will end only  end when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigns.

obviously if the PM resigns that makes him, dissolve the assembly as well.

Democracy allows this protest against massive rigging across Pakistan, but  Inqilaab March called by Tahir Ul Qadri who is Canadian resident now and non parliamentary member, Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehrek.  Party ( PAT ) .  PATs didn’t even participated in General Election 2013 has called for the Long March against the entire system ”  Qadri wants to reform entire system ” .


Yet he hasn’t said how but has took the advantage of Azadi March on August 14th 2014 by Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf  ( LONG MARCH ) to Islamabad, join along with them

The credibility of  Tahir Ul Qadri is no where in mass majority, His followers are distributed country wide unlike ( PTI , PPP , PML-N , PML-Q , ANP , JUI , etc.. )

The Final Electoral Result of  General Elections 2013

General Election Result 2013

PAT was not the part of Pakistan’s Democratic Elections in 2013, Mr Qadri out of no where appears after  a year and Demand for Inqilab “Revolution” In Pakistan. Whereas Tahir Ul Qadri is against Democratic system, Supreme Court , Judiciary completely. he is willing to bring the change, But He and God knows better how? 

Yesterday Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Address to The Nation – 12th August 2014 


PM Sharif’s body language was not confident, He less addressed nation and asked more questions? Currently  26 Government agencies are under Prime Minister but he did not had the answer instead he proffered asking those who were listening and watching  ( Radio and TV ) Such innocent Prime Minister unaware of the consequences asking people of Pakistan why? Like all the institutions under him are not briefing him and political Governance  it is his right to inform people instead of asking.

What is Article 245 ?

Islamabad Is Under Pak Army’s Control . 

Article: 245 Functions of Armed Forces


245. Functions of Armed Forces.- 1[(1)] The Armed Forces shall, under the directions of the Federal Government, defend Pakistan against external aggression or threat of war, and, subject to law, act in aid of civil power when called upon to do so.
(2) The validity of any direction issued by the Federal Government under clause (1), shall not be called in question in any Court.
(3) A High Court shall not exercise any jurisdiction under Article 199 in relation to any area in which the Armed Forced of Pakistan are, for the time being, acting in aid of civil power in pursuance of Article 245:Provided that this clause shall not be deemed to affect the jurisdiction of the High Court in respect of any proceeding pending immediately before the day on which the Armed Forces start acting in aid of civil power.
(4) Any proceeding in relation to an area referred to in clause (3) instituted on or after the day the Armed Forces start acting in aid of civil power and pending in any High Court shall remain suspended for the period during which the Armed Forces are so acting.]
Footnotes:1. Section 4 of the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1977, (23 of 1977), renumbered Art. 245 as 245(1) and added clauses 2, 3 and 4 thereto (w.e.f. April 21, 1977).

Prime Minister ruled out Article 245 only in Islamabad whereas it was more important in Karachi?

Azadi March  August 14th 2014

PTI’s Azadi March August 14th 2014 is there democratic right and Government Of Pakistan shouldn’t block the ways, which they have already. Exercising Democracy is a right of any political party by Peacefully Protesting,  but Unfortuntely  Prime Minister Of Pakistan is making Mission Impossible for Azadi March ( PTI ) workers to reach Islamabad.

Not Just Islamabad is completely sealed with the containers ( Exits and Entrances ) from all directions cutting Islamabad from Rawalpindi and other cities but Since last night Mobile Phone Service has been jammed in various areas.

” Mobile Services will remain suspended for few days in Islamabad “ due to Independence Parade / Azadi March by PTI and Newly decided Perfect timing master Tahir Ul Qadri for the Inqilab ” Revolution” March.

My Analysis and Point of view are my personal. 

Pakistan is not at the point of  no return, Politics and diplomacy has to play major role to resolve this current issue, as Prime Minister agreed to write a letter to Chief Justice Of Pakistan and assigning 3 Supreme Court Judges to review 10 constituencies ( Five from PTI and Five from PML-N )


One minus formula will not work in this case, Prime Minister Sharif will not resign and hand over the Parliament into somebody else, He doesn’t trust anyone.

Dissolving Parliament, at this moment the majority is standing with PML-N, at least that’s what PML-N thinks which we’ll see in coming days, as a hint, Pakistan Awami Tehrik is getting backed by MQM .

Let’s assume all the political parties in Parliament resigns join along with PTI’s stance Re-Election and Care Taking Government should be Technocrats, even all together cannot compete the Vote of Confidence in which PML-N has with 125 seats in Parliament.

There’s another senario that supreme court judges audit the votes and the verdict is  General Election 2013 were completely rigged filled with bogus votes. still the Parliament majority is in PML-N’s hand.

The way Chairman PTI  Imran Khan says, he won’t quit until he gets the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Call for New Elections, still there’s a big issue, Election Commission hasn’t been reformed for the Free and Fair Elections ( Biomatric Verification ) not ready yet.

Inbetween all this ” Tahir Ul Qadri ” Pops out and demands Inqilab would surely be a threat to Pakistan’s Sovereignty and the people after his aggressive speech.


I am sure you won’t be able to bare his entire speech but I would like you to move on to 30 mins and hear what he says ?


Tomorrow on August 14th we’ll see the progress but keep me updated with your feedback …


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Happy Independence Day 🙂


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