Free Online Classified websites are being used for scams and frauds,laptop scam reported and Burewala Punjab Police did not take any action against instead refused with a note case should be forwarded to FIA Cyber crime wing department.

OLX Free online classified site has been a hotspot for scammers and police jointly involved in such crimes  In March 2016 – DELL 7746 Latop classified ad appeared on website, scammer posted Hi End specs laptop at cheapest price saying needs to sell urgently, victim contact on phone and made the deal on which Taimoor Aka Shah Mohammad said he will send the laptop via Daweoo Service as he gets the money via easy paisa, The CNIC number and Name which he shared was checked online from NADRA – It was Shah Mohammad’s name.

Money Transferred via Easy Paisa and Mobicash withdrawn from GPO Vehari instantly later on making contact Taimoor mentioned that he will be sending it after Friday prayers, later on scammer switched off his number.

On the same day around 4:30 PM case reported to Burewala Police on 10th March 2016, along with all the necessary details police needed to investigate ( Scammers real name , his postal address , Transaction and pickup point, Mr Ali Mirza SHO Burewala Sadar Police station, said to send a written application so that they proceed with FIR to take the action against  Taimoor aka Shah Mohammed (Scammer) on 11th March application was sent in English which they said is not acceptable later on 16th March written application in urdu  was posted via TCS  to the SHO PS Sadar Burewala , Punjab.

SHO PS Sadar BurewalaAli Mirza kept twisting the story that scammer escaped from the town we went to his home his aunt was there in simple giving TOPI.

Later SHO Ali Mirza started avoiding and not attending calls – Case was forwarded to higher authorities in Islamabad, Officials went personally to Burewala, Sadar Police Station to find out the progress on this case, they found NO FIR lodged and Interestingly Police officer Mr Ali Mirza who introduced himself as SHO Sadar Police station, Burewala  was actually Police Inspector only – That’s Punjab police, case was never reported officially nor investigated.

Punjab Police is highly involved in such scams and frauds, Case was simple If Taimoor escaped least they could have arrested Easypaisa fella how did the money withdrawn amount without original CNIC? So Taimoor was using someone’s elses CNIC and details for scamming online? which is a crime.

Burewala Police could have guided proper to report FIA Cyber wing department as well for further investigation but FIR was not FIA’s job, Police completely ignored and helped Taimoor flee from the scene.

Kindly avoid buying anything from these classified websites, specially when you are making a deal on phone from different city.

 Application has been forwarded to all the officials from Chief Minister Punjab to FIA Cyber-wing department with complete details and to fix corrupt police officers.

Punjab Police is highly involved with online scammers, because self claimed SHO Ali Mirza Burewala police station, did knew Taimoor and he started giving justifications about him using someone elses CNIC and he knew where he lives. Police should be investigating instead police is trying to cover up the criminals. The application was forwarded to higher authorities and Boat Basin police station came for investigation which they submitted to DPO Burewala but no action was taken.

Ali Mirza Inspector, Burewala Police Station, his contact number 0300-880835. Why did Burewala police ignored FIR when they knew the culprit? Why did they resend the application to Boat Basin Police, Karachi for clearification which was duly submitted already. Such police officers have no respect for this uniform and instead of serving people they are supporting criminals to scam online, very shameful.

Unfortunately, CM Punjab complaint cell didn’t bother to respond this application as well – The purpose of sharing online is to avoid scams and Punjab Police will never help you out until and unless you are one of them.

It is my request to the authorities to take investigate and take legal action again SHO Ali Mirza.

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